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What comes easy is never worth it

I was raised in a typical Christian household… As a child and throughout my younger years, the usual happened. In short, people ganged up against me merely because I was different from them – in my reasoning, mindset, everything. The more I tried to fit in with them, the worse it all became. Teased, ridiculed, even physically attacked. You name it.

I always had an interest in the Occult, in spite of the religious beliefs shoved down my throat. After I did that, however, things definitely didn’t ease up. All of a sudden I wasn’t just “useless” anymore – now I was “the devil incarnate”.

My practices in the Occult Arts were strength-ed exponentially through my mentors– my teachers. The Arts always take care of their children.

I have walked the blackest paths in the Occult, I submerged myself into the most insidious practices known to man, and even then, I did not falter or look back -not once- instead, I plunged in deeper, head-first. There was no fear in me to do that – I was already dead. Necromancy and Evocation have always been a part of my school of initiation, so we made “good bedfellows”

As my path allowed me, I delved into many Schools of MiddleEastern, Western, and Asian Magick, I used what did work for me, and discarded what didn’t. A sort of Chaos Magick train of thought even though I never had heard of Chaos Magick at this point! “What doesn’t kill you, makes you…stranger”

I am proficient in many forms of divination. I work very closely with the Dead, and even more so with Entities. I presume that you cannot exactly place me in a specific “school” of the Arts, as I do not follow any set path or dogma. I use what works for me, and discard the rest. Plain and simple – this method has never let me down.

So, my message to you, dear reader, is this: The Occult Arts saves. It will never abandon you in your time of need, no matter what – there is always Something watching. No matter how hard things get – NEVER GIVE UP. Never betray yourself just to fit in…don’t listen to people – listen to yourself. If you strive for true love – you will find it when you least expect it…just be patient.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
24 abr 2022

caro Reverendo, Vi siete spinto come dovremmo fare tutti, per rivendicare la nostra libertà ed i nostri poteri divini, ma non tutti ne siamo capaci, né coraggiosi, pace a Voi +++

Me gusta

05 abr 2022

Thank you and big love.

Me gusta
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