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Revelations - Death Magick

From time to time, I like to toy with the public and give a little insight to what has been the building blocks of this ultimate creation. Fear and respect are one and the same to me ... the end result is similar.

Now don’t you go minding the death in the title because that’s only there to go a bit broader than the basics.

The basics are actually the magick we all use in day-to-day life, white magick. When I say white magick I mean all the healing spells. But that’s not the full extent of such magick and today I’m going to prove it.

I’m going to split this up into two sections, life and death. All the spells and abilities that focus on the beginning of life and its ending.

An adept mage can harness both sides but it’s rare, very rare. Note there will be some overlap.


Besides all the healing and resurrection spells, this magick can:

* Give life to inanimate objects

* Immortality

* Control all biological life

The last one is important because this is where that overlap comes in. Depending on how you define it, this can translate into control over plants and the earth. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the control over living things like humans and animals. When I mean control, I don’t mean mind control I mean controlling their body and inner organs. It’s biological manipulation. This covers body and disease control since those falls under controlling life. Imagine, having the power to manipulate how someone’s body works or even your own. Doing that can grant you powerful mutations. That’s already powerful and a departure from what life magick is usually, but, we haven’t even gotten to the dark side yet.


The offensive side of this magick is so terrifying that many spells here are classed under dark magick. As you would expect with a full mastery of life magick, you cannot only give life but take it. Instant death magick falls under this category along with magick that deals with the soul. Necromancy deals with using Death Magick to raise the dead but Death Magick in its entirety can:

* Absorb souls

* Destroy them

* General manipulation

Another part of Death Magick is draining life and causing decay which is the opposite of healing. Anything that Life Magick can do, death can do the very opposite of it.

All of this, believe or not, is just the intermediate stuff. The true power of dark magick lies with what it actually controls, the basic building blocks of life and the energy within.

With this magick you have total control over living things and things not living you can just give life to.

If mana connects to life, then your magick at its height can use this in its purest form and create life itself. You can find the most godlike abilities here.

Anyone with a good grasp of this magick can pretend to be a god by raising the dead and creating life from nothing but mana. For those that know, they know, for all the rest take it as you will.

That’s all I wanted to say about its power.

Ain Sophia - Patrick Gaffiero


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