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Journey of An Occultist - Revelations

From time to time, I am compelled to reveal a bit more from the fascinating World that I was brought into, those lessons by my mentors that define me to this day, and which have made me the Occultist I then became.

I always write with due caution and responsibility as I very aware that my writing shall by far outlive me, and these ways are not for those wanting to dabble at the Occult but for the serious practitioner that wants to go on a lifelong quest for immortality.

With great power comes great responsibility, so read always between the lines, for those well versed that is where the secret lies.

Black magic is the conjure of demonic entities to task them for a specific purpose/job. Real black magicians have a working relationship with higher principalities and powers who lend lower entities and dead souls for these tasks. A Black Magician uses entities to possess worldly and spiritual power. And in return the entities serve as a shield to their karma.

The How of doing Black Magick:

You must fine tune your senses as they are important in understanding more about the very nature of your personal body and mind.

Once your 6 senses are fine-tuned, your next step is to begin using them to understand your newly discovered world… for example if you are like most people, you are reading this without speaking the words out loud… if not... try it…………………………… Now think… you knew you were reading the words and you heard yourself reading the words. In your own voice…… with what ears… and with what voice… by learning to fine tune the 6 senses you learn to understand where this voice and sound and hearing comes from and expand that to experience your world differently.

This opens you up to be able to communicate with sentience that lives in that ‘sound-less’ motif that we refer to as a world/dimension. There you can learn from communication with intelligent sources that understand more about the fabric of the functions of our universe… Arthur C Clarke said it best - Magic is science is science we don’t yet understand.

White Magick as defined by practical Magickians is where you Petition requests and observe how these requests are brought to you. by observing how the universe brings you your desires you will eventually learn to do it yourself that is what manifestation actually is in all actuality, taking control of the building blocks of the universe to magnetically bring your desires to you.

Black Magick as defined by practical Magickians is where you have observed enough and you take the reins and create as you were meant to, it is always actionable Magick… you do not petition... you are no longer needing training wheels so to speak.

There is one more type of Magick and that is Balanced Magick. This is where you have choice participation or commonly called co-creation with the same sentient non-corporeal intelligence that you would have discovered while fine-tuning your 6 senses.

Now that you have the full description of the main 3 types of Magick and how they are done... hope your further search and inquire will lead you to the right teachers to help you progress and Live Your True Authentic Life!

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero


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