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Welcome To The Jungle

This is a short story about a man who decided to take a journey into the jungle.

It was dark and he could not see. It was full of unknowns, creatures, and dangerous beings. Standing at the edge of the jungle, fearful of what lies ahead, he turns to walk away.

As he is leaving, leaning on a tree nearby, was a Dark Spirit who could navigate the darkness and clearly see all that the man could not. Not only could he see but he was an expert in all the secrets the jungle possessed. The Dark Spirit asked the man, “leaving so fast.” The man replied, “It is dark. I cannot see. I don’t know what is before me.” The Dark Spirit replies, “I can see and I can guide with my expertise.” The man was reluctant, yet curious enough to put faith in his expertise, takes the Dark Spirit’s offer to be guided through the jungle.

The Dark Spirit nonchalantly walks out from the shadows of the tree and taps on the center of the man’s forehead, gifting to him sight so he could see. He says to the man, “it’s quite simple you see. What lies before you will be a reflection of what is within you. The sight I have given you is a mirror allowing you to see the reflection of yourself.”

The man puzzled by the dark spirit's message replies, “how will I know which reflections are for me.” The Dark spirit replies, “that is also quite simple, you see. Your emotions are your guides to learning more about yourself but rather than explain further, please allow me to show you. Let’s begin our journey.”

They begin their walk along the path into the jungle. What the man first sees is a butterfly. It is beautiful. He feels delighted. The man says to the Dark Spirit, “that wasn’t so bad, is this what you mean?” The Dark Spirit replies, “the butterfly represents transformation. Your emotional reaction of delight signifies you are ready to receive. Let’s continue.”

As they continue their walk, a black serpent slithers onto the path. The man is triggered with fear by the sight of the black serpent. Observing his fear, the Dark Spirit explains to the man that the black serpent represents healing and that his fear is an illusion.

Trusting the guidance, he approaches the black serpent. The black serpent wraps around the man’s arm and slithers up to his neck sinking his fangs beneath his skin. Released from the fangs of the serpent is a gold liquid that fills the man’s veins with flames. The black serpent turns to liquid gold and enters the man’s veins, disappearing. The man, quickly forgetting his initial fears, feels a sense of passion and desire to learn more.

They continue on the path and shortly before them stands a great, fierce lion whose roar triggers physical pain within the man. Every time the lion roars, he feels pain. The Dark Spirit says to the man, “remember the sight I have given you reflects all that you are, back to you.” The man looks within to discover memories that are alive within representing the emotion of pain. The man asked, “what shall I do to relieve the pain.” The Dark Spirit replies, “acknowledge it out loud and command its’ release from the memory.”

He follows the guidance and the man feels a release like a weight had been lifted. He tastes a sense of freedom. A feeling of bliss with drips of nirvana that evaporate upon tasting. The man craves for more and inquires with the Dark Spirit for guidance, emptying his cup.

The Dark Spirit further explains, “the jungle and all that it possesses, both beautiful and vile, is a reflection of what you harbor inside. Anything you deny outside of yourself, you deny within yourself and in turn imprison you. To become free to feel that nirvana and peace consistently, you must walk the path, acknowledge and release what you uncover, as you have done with your pain.”

The man now understands, puts on his armor, and is ready to command. The Dark Spirit falls back into the shadows to guide as needed, leaving him with a final message, “I cannot walk the path for you. Call on me when you can’t see and follow your heart as you embark. Welcome to the jungle.”

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero (reworked) Original post by Valentia Ra Artwork: TeroPorthan


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