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The Spirit

"Many of us on the LHP do not believe in a higher power (as in a spirit or God that that can take over the control of one's own body, life, or destiny without continuous permission,) yet we call upon supernatural assistance.

This is seen as the spirit or force that has been called upon being only able to gain access to this world through our invitation and continued permission for its presence, and through latent aspects of our own spirit or mind.

In short, we use the ancient forces to awaken the corresponding forces within us that have been passed down through the aeons but often lie dormant.

A strong will and healthy mind are staple within the LHP to assure that such spirits do not overcome the performer for uncomfortable periods of time, and that they remain a part, rather than become a whole of the being, working in tangent with the will, rather than taking possession of the will.

The spirit “is” the force called, not unlike (and sometimes including,) a force of nature, and it’s eagerness to assist is not due to a “love” for humanity or the practitioner (with the exception of ancestral spirits in which case there is a mutual and eternal love that does not change the cause of the spirit to act (case dependent,) yet a recognition of this eternal earthly bond by both parties brings additional power to the rites.)

The Non ancestral spirit works as a part of its nature, to propagate it’s nature into the living world through the unique and individualized tasks that are set for it by the many that call, this is mutually beneficial and achieves dual goals for both the etheric and earthly participants."

Sophia Nocte

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Am_ Ebuka
Am_ Ebuka
Apr 30, 2023

I would love to know more, to improve myself spiritually

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