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Ain Sophia

Let us tear open this month with the power of the rip roaring, vicious, and terrible storm Goddess! Be gone silent winter, and doldrums... and death! Death - we shall shake flesh from the bones of his essence! We will be cloaked by the black hooded air-diva and along with her children we will break and devour all that stands in our way!

... It is time to clear the air!

With a violence so terrible that it can lay cities to waste, and despite our comforts and how we've managed to defeat her in many ways, we still ne’ fare well in a strong storm and there is nothing that can stop this Goddess if she has marked our cards... Let's call on her and see!

Are we strong enough to meet with her children, to direct her floods, break with her thunder, guide her lightning strike, her winds, and her waves... Which way will she blow when we call?

When she strikes there will be no safety at sea, at home, in the air, or underground. She is a rage with no calm, she is the destroyer of the crop, machine, building, vehicle, and she is a murderer of man!

If she doesn’t break us, she will bend us ​severely, disfigure us, split us ... Let us call her!

... Can you recall the scent of the after storm, when all is calm and clear? The scent is of a million dead microbes and is named Petrichor, and it is known as the blood of the dying Gods! ... And we will destroy unwanted Gods in her name!

The merciless storm Goddess is one of the most effective purification deities on Earth, as a Goddess she is the manifestation, the cause and the cure!

Her ferocious energy that can be beneficial in many aspects of life, and she leaves a lingering scent in the air after the sacrifice of the unwanted Gods, energies, ideas, and the destruction of all that stands in her path…

Direct her wisely.

Sophia Nocte 🖤


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