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Mentorship within the vamp(y/i)re community; a not all that concise ramble.

As with mentors within other spheres, an attitude of healthy skepticism if one is approached to the effect of 'You need a mentor' is a good perception to foster. I am of the belief that mentors should be sought by the one who is to be the mentoree. The trust placed in one's mentor should be far from blind and blinkered. One should never be in fear of questioning and challenging.

Mentorship can apply across the spectrum from sharing and discussing details of the metaphysical through to practical advice.

One can be fiercely individualistic and still reach out to others. Interconnection and like-minds can be cherished even by otherwise solitary creatures. Different perspectives can offer eye-opening insights and new routes to explore in the exploration of the Self and one's respective path.

The dynamic and exchange of knowledge between a mentor and mentee can even be two-way, with the path of the mentored lighting new torches for the mentor... new routes to explore, new considerations and new perspectives to consider.

Mentorship is not a light-hearted thing to offer. Groundedness, sensibility and an acute awareness of the responsibility of the position taken on should be at the fore'. Honesty too, should be a factor. No mentor should be forced to become one no more than a lone individual exploring their path be forced to have a mentor either.

To be taken as my own thoughts. If wisdom is found in them, I am delighted. This was meant to be more concise but, better to elaborate than to not and risk misunderstanding. Do what thou whilt with what I offer.

-- Gwynevere Kipling


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