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The Power of menstrual blood

This subject is even more taboo than the blood that runs thru the veins of our Black Swans. Even within the global community of Vampires, only a few are open to this and understand it, even fewer are prepared to work with it.

Did you ever ask yourself why they burned and killed mostly women in times of Witch-hunting?

And why all this hate against this blood that so naturally and gracefully trickles out without a rupture of veins or any other intrusive method?

Well of course this is not unusual for humans to fear this power that women hold and traditions of viewing this as dirty times of the month are still very popular today. The Christians were hunting the women, the survivors of the Old fate who had knowledge and wisdom of their menstruation and the whole moon-female connection and uses. Of course to make someone weak, make them ashamed of their power, still to these days this technique is being widely used and experienced by most on this planet.

But let us not forget what this actually is, biologically... every approx 28 days, the fruits of the red moon ripen up, and out of the uterus comes this liquid red gold into whatever we wish it to collect. This happens on its own, free blood, very nutritious and delicious.

However, it is there ready for our offspring, if reproduction has taken its course and the magic of life when the seed has sprouted into a small fetus, this blood is intended to sustain it in its first weeks of development. But we don't get pregnant so often and when we don't, the blood comes out and the uterus prepares new bedding for the next cycle of our moon growth.

Most will not want to drink it, and for women, it is not essential to drink, the magic of the moon is there if you realize it or not. .. like with all the magic, awareness is the key to success, but ingesting it will bring it to a whole other level, especially if we really want to know ourselves deeply.

That is not to say that women who are in their post-menstrual stages of life have no power... on the contrary! Since ancient times we believed, that these were, in fact, women with the most awareness and wisdom, since they stopped bleeding their strengths out and they keep them within themselves.

But nowadays humans put shame on menstruation, put shame on menopause, but shame on all that is the powerful and sacred and free birthright to every single woman on this planet, some would say that this hate was put there by envious men (possibly they started it), however, we are witnessing times, when women almost became more hateful towards themselves than men did... I was dealing with many feminists (lesbians or not) all my life, and have seen this in many European countries everywhere I went.

The Tides and magic

We all are influenced by the tides of the moon, in fact, the most ancient folklore used calendars were lunar, because this was also the easiest celestial Goddess to observe from every corner of Earth. Men have their cycles as well, please don't feel left out, I know very little of male stuff. But for our female cycles, there is absolutely much to be said... too much to fit in one post but will try to squeeze in a bit.

As with much magic and moon cycles, drinking menstruation will increase the power of any ritual... not just energy work but also divination. Every woman can feel where exactly she is standing in her emotional level of existence and what work needs to be done according to what days of the moon she is bleeding on.

2/3 of women on the planet report bleeding mostly on the new moon or around that time...This is the time when also the periods are less painful (but still many hate the pain of it) but it is also when we are experiencing the nurturing mother/lover kind of energies within ourselves in general. When the moon is full and we bleed more, pain can be bigger, and the force behind can be more projective, cleansing and is a sign of changing and ending some cycles within ourselves...or more of a kind of alarm that we are working on some kind of emotional breakthrough, possibly a need to change some circumstances in life, less harmonic than the new moon, but more powerful- the energy of a working witch and huntress.

This is absolutely not to say that those who bleed on the new moon are just nurturing mothers/lovers, and those bleeding on the full moon are Witches and hunters! It is only a determination of our current circumstances within our environments and our mirroring emotions to these. I am a nurturing mother and a witch and huntress all at the same time.

With waxing moon bleeding we work with growth and gratitude rituals, waning for detox and impalement. Full moon- completion and achieving goals-preparing for the next level, New moon- seeding and new beginnings. So 4 different energies, 4 goddesses that we each hold within, as they pass thru 7 planetary energies 4 times each.

I have been using this for many years on my own and some others (female donors can be a favorite they bleed twice a month-450ml of blood plus menstruation in various quantities if they are open enough lol!). Like with all blood donors, these must be also tested because there is a danger of contagious diseases.

The keywords for describing this kind of magic work are – regeneration, immortality, rebirth, replenishment, knowing yourself and diving within, etc mostly, but will empower just about any intent.

Menstruation can also be used topically for all sorts of skin disorders. Can be used to rebuild your own teeth and replenish hair. Because of the very high number of stem cells, which have the potential to turn into just about any cell that exists on our body, this is immortality and regeneration keywords in this instance apply scientifically and magically, it is a wholesome manifestation on all the levels of existence... being aware of your own power ladies, is the only way to get over the pain and discomforts..ingesting your energy is understanding yourself, understanding what is to be done and what must be avoided or impaled.

If you experience cramps and weakness in your cycles, ingesting your own red fruit will result in relief of All those symptoms, but be aware, some things will change within you and your hormones- another observation... the PMS will completely disappear and will be replaced with another one... instead of being down mood before menstruation, the premenstrual hormones change and some days before the red moon appears you will feel excited and happy, full of energy, raw and very strong- I call it Sekhmet time... preparing to have constant blood for next few days, hurray!

However... when the period starts waning in some days the sadness kicks in, and the mood can become lower because the awareness of looking for blood elsewhere becomes more apparent... Yeah, the PMS is just transferred to the other end of the cycle... this is a fact for all who engage in these practices and who consume blood regularly anyway. And as well the awareness of where exactly we stand within our inner cycles becomes very natural and we usually know to the minute when it will start pouring out of us... and no one can tell us they know us better than we know ourselves..beware this brings the haters in...

Menstrual blood is a magical cure for all intestinal problems and is rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, iron, and other minerals essential for our well-being. Mixing this with mushroom and plant extracts makes wonderful potions to work with, used by our ancients from long ago.

The emotions and hormones are the dominant flavors in human blood drawn from veins because they are the current energy going thru donors. That is why our donors taste so different each time...The fear tastes sweet, the sadness is salty like tears and many other tones which have no words to describe the deliciousness of it all...

Menstrual blood is very much influenced by the flowers that we eat... I eat many wildflowers for their health benefits especially like the blue violets, very aromatic and specific- at the end of May, beginning of June, our period will taste very strongly of this perfume, while the chickory and dandelions make it bitter, daisy, and roses flowers have flavors specific to their kind, and so forth with the flavors of flowers, which we almost cannot taste in the blood running thru human veins. Why? Well, there is a reason why the vagina is also called a flower in the slang of many languages and why this is basically the most yin (female) energy of any plant part or stage in its life cycle.

As for tantric practices that can be done in infinite ways with this magical substance mixed or not, no reason why need to go into details about these since this is up to each individual or couple. I impaled all my tantric female Swans locally in order to avoid the drama that humans bring in. I only want blood lol, how hard is this to understand? Some of us have chosen not to put humans in our mouths just to get blood for safety reasons and for peace and calmness of life...

However, if you still feel you don't want to use your red gold power for yourself and are interested in donating your menstrual blood to us, you get a free Organicup to keep forever in exchange for your fruits of the red moon..conditions apply. ... Pm me for details.

Baba Yaga Moranuška -Council Elder - Order of the Dracul


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