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The Occult Dabblers - The Jokers of the Occult World

Throughout all my years in the Occult, I have come across masses upon masses of these things called “dabblers”. To all the other actual practitioners out there – you know exactly what I am talking about.

They’re those individuals who have approached the Arts for the most childish, trivial, and ego-driven reasons. They would go on the internet, on forums, blogs, etc…to “hunt” for tidbits on rituals and spells for thrills and to sate their curiosity.

Curiosity is good – however, curiosity born from thrill-seekers, usually (if not always) ends up with a disease, insanity, and death. That’s why I love to post curses – so that some dabbling idiot might use it…as I write it in such a way that only true practitioners will be able to correctly use it.

Dabblers do not seem to fully understand the great dangers involved in the Arts. They are the ones who took up a Witchboard (Ouija Board), spoke to an Imp, and suddenly think that they are the best Witch in the world. Soon after though…poltergeist activity escalates to a full-blown malicious haunting…and then they wonder “why is this happening to me??”. “Help me, please help me!!” – to that I would simply reply: no.

There are far worse things out there than Death…when Death Itself is not a threat. Yes, this post might seem like a rant – and it is.

Yes, it is a bad idea to call upon succubi/incubi just to sate your sexual urges.

No, grimoires definitely DON’T tell you everything you should know…this is just a journal of the practitioner who wrote it.

Not all Entities “have your best interests at heart”…some want to destroy you.

No, you definitely ARE NOT invincible against attacks.

Yes, you can make pacts – at your own risk.

No, the Witchboard IS NOT A TOY.

Yes, there definitely are real sorcerers out there.

No, magick is not like you see in Harry Potter.

No, this isn’t the only world in existence. There are infinite dimensions and realms in reality.

No, not all mediums and psychics are truthful or the “real deal”. There are a lot of frauds out there.

No, you are not a succubus/incubus just because you like to copulate excessively with multiple partners.

Yes, I don’t take shit from anyone or anything…I will kill or bless you at the drop of a hat.

And yes – it’s a terrible idea to attempt to curse me…you’d just be another notch on my belt.

We can go on with this forever.


One cannot just waltz into the Occult World and expect everything to be “your best friend”, “wanting to help you”, “they won’t/can't harm me” etc etc. It is far better to be initiated into a school of magick, or at least have a REAL teacher. This will cancel out ignorance (in most cases) and minimize the chance to be torn apart by the Beyond.

There are countless dangers in the Occult, as in the Worlds beyond this one. If you don’t know what you are doing – the chances are that you will be consumed.

This is a warning to all the dabblers reading this post – if you approach me with the right intentions, I will gladly assist and point you in the right direction…but if you enter my Lair as a dabbler – I will devour you!!

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero


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