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The Magick Within

Mention magick to most people and they immediately start thinking about Wicked Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers conjuring up some evil sounding spells and poisons from boiling bubbling cauldrons sat on blazing smoking fires. Others imagine comedians on stage with funny pointy hats and black and white wands. Still, others think of Illusionists making people disappear then re-appear from boxes and other contrived stage props.

Since time immemorial magick has been used in witchcraft, and many myths and evil associations have been attributed to its use. There are many theories on the subject and many might disagree, so this is my theory, based on my opinion and my experiences. At the end of the day, you shall have to form your own.

So what is magick really? How, what, where, and when should it be used? These are the questions I aim to answer here. First, let us destroy the myths of wizards throwing around lightning bolts doing battle with evil sorcerers and all other such nonsense.

Magick is a force utilizing power, wisdom, and knowledge. It is both more and less powerful than the ignorant can suppose. Magick can only be used to change the changeable, for instance — it can be used to cure sickness but not to replace a lost limb. Magick is not a power to be used in place of our other powers, meaning those of our physical, mental, or emotional abilities. Nor is it a crutch for the weak or an ego-boost for the inadequate. Magick is an art and skill unto itself. It needs to be learned then trained to develop, and that takes time and patience.

If we believe that everything and all originate from the same source, then the ability for using magick must be retained within us all. Magick then is a forgotten art passed down through eons of reincarnations and it resides inside us all. Therefore magick is a skill that needs to be re-learned and trained if it's to be used well, effectively, and wisely.

In the modern-day, magick is used not only in ritual ceremonies but also on a daily basis during spiritual communication with different Deities. It is used daily for healing purposes and perhaps more frequently for personal purposes like reducing negativity, protection, and improving the self. It can also be used for many other purposes as determined by the individual while bearing in mind “The ripple effect”

Magick, in essence, is the use and control of natural energies or power to produce and effect needed change. There are three basic sources of natural energy or power used: Personal Power, Earth Power, and Divine Power.

Personal Power: Is the life force that sustains us and protects our earthly existence. It's the power that resides within our own bodies; some may call it "willpower". As we go about our daily business we are constantly absorbing energy, be it from the sun during the day or the moon during the night, or the food and drink we consume. This energy we store and release during movement, exercise, sex, and even though our emotional states. This we all do quite naturally.

In magick we learn to harness and arouse this personal power, infuse it with a particular purpose, release it and direct it towards its goal.

Earth Power: This is the power that resides within our planet and its natural products. Such things as Stones, Trees, Wind, Fire, Water, Crystals, Oils, and Scents. All these things and more possess unique powers and give out specific energies that can be harnessed and used during ritual and magick.

Hold a stone in the palm of your hand (receptive hand), concentrate on your hand, and visualize the stone. Feel its force tingling? A crystal can be charged and then held against the forehead to clear up a migraine or headaches with its healing properties. Like-wise herbs and oils can be charged then rubbed onto the body to effect internal changes. These are just a few examples of earth power and its uses.

Divine Power: Is spiritual power, that which is charged and channeled by the Gods. Personal power and earth power are both manifestations of divine power. Divine power is the force of life, the source of everything, the power of the universe that created existence.

To use divine power the Gods need to be invoked to bless the magick being prepared, this is normally done inside a properly constructed circle. For instance, during the ritual, personal power may be used to effect some personal change, then directed to the deities asking for a specific need to be met.

Magick is not just about the use of power; one cannot just stand up, call out to the Gods, and demand that magick be done — "So Be It". A lot of work is involved in preparation for the use of magick. Once a need for the use of magick has been identified, careful consideration needs to be given to other associations if a successful outcome is to be achieved. Other associations cover such things as — Time, when should the magick be performed. Tools, which tools are best employed for the task.

Then we need to consider coordinating — Colours, Candles, and Incenses. All these influences when combined together increase the power and lend added effect to the spell or rite.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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J Ann Gentile
J Ann Gentile
Jun 14, 2021


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