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Sigil Magick

One of the greatest and most powerful skills in Black Magic is Sigil Magick. Sigil magick is where you turn desires into reality by creating sigils of these desires and focusing energy on them. The Sigil then acts as a magical beacon that manifests the desire into your reality.

So what is a Sigil? It’s a sign, word, image that is considered magickal in some way or another. It is an image or design that has been charged with energy and in doing so it is meant to fulfill a purpose. Some sigils are personal and are charged with personal energy and meant to fulfill one's personal desires. These sigils are usually always created by the magician and are specifically designed to fulfill their purpose and manifest their desires.

Some sigils are charged with energy and used to call on entities to aid you in some endeavor. In evocation, we use sigils to call forth an entity that we wish to communicate with. The type of sigils I am going to teach you about today are the sigils that you create yourself to manifest your desires. Sigil magick is a very powerful form of black magic and yet it is so simple to use that most are blown away by its simplicity.

You would be surprised to know that most people who are successful in their life use Sigil magick in some form or another. Some people do not even know they are using Sigil magick when they do it. And most people who are affected by it do not even know they are being influenced by magick. A lot of the logos for the brand names for popular companies are sigils.

To perform Sigil magick, the first thing you have to do is pick a desire that you want granting and then write it down. Once it is written down, meditate, and have a clear image of what you want in your mind. Once you have a clear image of the desire, take some time to focus on it and see it manifest itself in your reality.

The next step is to create a Sigil. The easiest way to do that is to take a word that represents what you want. Let’s say for the sake of it that money is your motivator. So write out the word money on a piece of paper. Take out the vowels, and you will then be left with the letters M and N. Now this is the fun part, play around with these letters until you get a really neat looking image that resonates with you. This whole creation process of the Sigil helps to make it stronger because it is your Sigil and you are pouring your energy into it.

Once you have molded the letters into an image that resonates with you, focus on it once again. Be passionate about it. The more passionate you are, the more energy you’ll direct into it, and the faster it will manifest. Proceed to put the Sigil in a place that feels right for you. You can keep the Sigil on your person, make it into a necklace, or just put it in a safe place, whatever floats your boat.

Make sure that you take action towards making your desire happen. Magick or no magick, you cannot win the lottery if you refrain from buying a ticket!!

The only limitation to Sigil magick is one's imagination. Seriously! The imagination is all that limits it. That is why some people say Art is the greatest form of magick! Some people paint images of what they want, then surround themselves with these images as they represent the desires they would love granted.

Paintings can also be a form of Sigil magick as long as there are symbols in the painting that resonate with the magician. Anything that you put energy into will help bring it into your life. Surround yourself with the energy that you want! You can manifest anything you desire, just remember, like all things magickal, be specific and make sure you have a clear image of what you want.

Ultimately, practice makes perfect.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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