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Sexual Orientation and the Luciferian

Luciferians are not of a single mind, each Luciferian is a universe into oneself, and as there are many universes, so there exist many different connotations about sexuality. Most Luciferians I have met are open towards sexual orientation. Some are not, for various reasons, mostly because they are attracted to the opposite sex and cannot imagine why someone might have a sexual attraction to the same gender.

My opinion stands as such... an enlightened being sees past the limitations of gender, as universal and spiritual beings, it should matter not, as every individual inside possess both male and female qualities.

Homosexuality occurs in nature among highly advanced species and has done so among creatures and humans since the beginning of time. For anyone to claim evolutionary invalidity, they need to first answer this question, why does it persist in up to 4% of every individual regardless of time, country, gender, race, species, environment, or age?

I also find that bisexuality allows the possibility to appreciate and love any person regardless of their gender, a highly advanced ability to love another person.

It is my opinion therefore that for homosexual and bisexual people to really become fully integrated and accepted they should not work hard to become a culture that is separate and excluding, it’s fully possible to be outgoing and normal, it’s everyone else that needs to do the accepting.

After all, Lucifer symbolizes the absence of restrictions. I believe it to be hypocritical to embrace any form of expressive restriction and yet follow the message of the fallen. To each their own I say. Perhaps I am operating on different spectra here. Morals seem to be arbitrary and based on the internalized egotistical needs of the individual. People have a tendency not to help others for the betterment of others, but for self-gratification –the satisfaction of the ego.

The wonderful thing is no one can claim ownership of enlightenment for it is a condition, not an object; however, people can falsely believe they are in fact enlightened. The biggest danger is if intellectually challenged individuals were to come in contact with the knowledge of Lucifer.

The enlightenment was not intended for those who can’t think for themselves. It is a danger but only in the short-term. Such challenged individuals have a tendency to weed themselves out, by the mere fact that they cannot maintain a Luciferian lifestyle in the true sense of the word; therefore they will revert to type and a lower mode of modus operandi.

Having said all this, I am heterosexual with a tendency of acceptance to all other forms of being.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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