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Magick & Revenge

First of all, YOU probably can’t cast a spell. Casting spells is something that can only be done by an experienced spell caster. It’s both a gift and a skill… it’s not something you can learn on TikTok.

Whilst the concept of revenge is frowned upon by society (and even some casters), from a witchcraft perspective this is the very reason why curses exist; to allow the wronged to punish the unpunished.

Now, it isn’t easy to define what that punishment will look like. Generally it’s usually only possible to curse someone and then perhaps reign in the curse (create various boundaries) to prevent the curse from causing too much damage or jumping to someone else. It is far more difficult to ramp up the curse such that it leads to someone’s death.

Speaking personally, whilst I will cast a curse (if I believe myself to be a genuine victim and my reason for revenge to be one of closure) I won’t cast a “death spell”. It’s just too damn dangerous for me. I’ve never met a single genuine caster who would ever do such a thing and I have only ever entertained the idea in extremity. At that point the end justifies the means!

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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Can I hire you for a benevolent love spell...

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