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On Luciferianism

“Anything of Light is beautiful. You just have to be able to see it” ( extracts -The Forbidden Religion)

The Luciferian is a superior, illuminated being, as opposed to those who blindly worship idols. He is a lonely traveler on the darkest path of them all, the path that goes through himself, so as to walk in the realm of his greatest enemies, his own demons.

He must make his own light to survive that journey. Sometimes this light is so powerful others can see it, and his actions and intentions manifest in the world as willed gestures of magickal change.

Never losing sight of his physical or spiritual being, he expands all ideas and plans from the reality that he is currently in, keenly realizing that reality shifts according to who defines reality, as would any great Magician and Mystic sage.

Luciferianism cannot be taught. People who become Luciferians do not learn how to become so; they are only inspired to awaken the potential already buried deep inside them.

Therefore, converting people into Luciferianism is per se impossible. We are a combination of divine (spiritual) and material (carnal). Spiritual matters are part of nature, and as man document, the keys of nature, so will spiritual matters be mapped out fully one day.

The Luciferian is a might incarnate, a god in the flesh, the highest expression of life in this world. Luciferians keep their words of wisdom in the shadows; the light is not always for those who are without. Truth did not come into this world nude. It came as a personified incarnate. It would not be accepted otherwise.

It has been said that the whole history of mankind can be explained as simply as the fight between light and darkness, but how do we define light and darkness? What man calls light is the light created by the demiurge since man does not know any light superior to it. It is the light that comes from the created world and which, for the Spirit, is unfathomable darkness. Darkness, which comes from the demiurge and his demonic creation, is what man calls light. Man calls Truth the Great Lie, the Great Deception, that which we can call the Great Mockery.

There is another Light, superior, inconceivable, unknowable: the Uncreated Light which comes from the kingdom of the True and Unknown God. What would happen if this Light burst into this impure universe? Man would go almost blind. What would he see? Would he see a light? No, he would see the night. His eyes are not ready to see this infinitely pure and perfect Light. He would be frightened, fearing, and rightly so, that he would be destroyed by the Light. So he would call this Light "evil", "darkness", which happens with everything seen through the eyes of the impure, the body and soul of man, and not through the eyes of the Spirit.

This is the confusion between darkness and light, the same confusion that exists between the creator god and the Unknowable God, between the created and the Uncreated, between the soul and the Spirit. That is why man unwittingly calls true darkness light and True Light darkness. True Light would blind and destroy him. If man could withstand the vision of True Light without dying, he would only see unfathomable darkness, because he would be seeing the True Light.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Christopher Mick
Christopher Mick
Jun 02, 2020

Inspiring. Thank you.

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