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Jinxes –Hexes- Curses

Hexes, Jinxes, and Curses are basically spells that deal with negative energy, and they are amongst the most desired skills of the Black Mage. If you are being attacked by magick that intends to bring you harm, then you are more than likely dealing with one of the above.

Jinxes are little incantations that are meant to bring a person bad luck, they are not as harmful as the others and usually only take effect once. As soon as they are cast the jinx does its thing and then it is over. How jinxes work is you instill the idea into the subconscious of a person’s brain and make the event a self-fulfilling prophecy. People actually do jink all the time without realizing it. Tapping on wood ironically can dispel jinxes, primarily because that is your intent when you tap on wood so the energy of the wood dispels the jinx. Wood is a natural and neutral entity so by tapping on it, the negative energy of the jinx is made neutral.

Hexes are a little bit of a stronger negative spell than a jinx. They work by creating an energy signature that attaches to the victim's aura. This attracts to that person whatever the intent of the hex was. It is always a good idea to just state the end result with hexes and let the magick decide how the result will be granted. Hexes are very short-lived and only last until the intent has been fulfilled after which the energy signature dispels and goes away forever.

Curses are the strongest of the three. They, like hexes, create an energy signature that attaches itself to the aura of the victim. The difference with curses is that they can either be short-lived or last quite a while. Most last a long time. Some curses are designed to affect the blood of a person, so anyone who follows in their bloodline succumbs to the curse as well, these are called family curses. Other curses are just designed to bring people bad luck for a specific amount of time. It is very important to train your third eye to pick up on this powerful magick, especially if you are intending to pursue any kind of magickal path, more so black magick. Down this path, you will meet people and creatures who will try to hex, curse and jinx you. It is very important that you know how to defend yourself in the spirit world as also in the mundane one.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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