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When casting spells, sometimes results take longer than expected to manifest. You do not know what is fully going on with your energy, but you need to believe and keep going, stop blaming others, be grateful and be willing to persevere. It is the only way to get powerful results and craft the life that you desire.

Your mindset must be in such a good powerful place. How you come at life, at spell casting and magic, in general, will dictate the level of success that you attain. In fact, it is like that with anything. If you want to attain a level of mastery you need to practice diligently and be grateful for the successes that you do attain and continue to build on them. Be willing to do what it takes and commit yourself and your rewards will be great!

When Practising Black Magick, it is essential to not only work on the power of mastering energy but also the power of mastering yourself. Most dedicated Black Magicians have a lot of confidence and influence over those around them. Not to say that they abuse it (Although some do) but they can use it to tip situations in their favor. This is not something that comes naturally, it takes time to develop this skill, but everyone has the potential to learn it.

Black magicians are very strong at their core. They love themselves and are very confident in their movements and actions. They are fully aware of what they are capable of. This is actually where a lot of our strength lies. This skill when developed is called Magnetism. It is where one develops such a strong will that they can, with only the power of their "I" influence and captivate those around them. If you want to be a successful black magician you need to have a healthy love of yourself and everything about you. Black magicians have a healthy dose of self-esteem and are confident and focused in everything that they do. It is said that should a true master of the dark arts gaze into your eyes, you will be entranced and feel like they have control over you. This skill can take a bit to master, but once you do, you can be dangerous. Remember that you must respect this power as you will be able to control those around you. If you want to start developing your magnetism then you have to start learning to love yourself. You need to improve your self-esteem and strengthen your core.

One way to do this is to gaze into a mirror everyday and state everything you love about yourself. If you are unhappy about your image then NEVER beat yourself up about it. You must want to love every single part of you! Always strive to improve yourself, but completely accept yourself for who you are. If you want to yield the power of energy, then you need to first master the conduit for those energies.....yourself!

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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