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Fragmentation of the Soul (Part I)

I find myself standing on top of a cliff, the sun is rising, it is casting light all around me, the stars are starting to fade away. I watched the sunrise for a moment. So much was changing and happening. It is overwhelming at times, the changing and manifestations that were happening. I had to adapt to them. There was darkness brewing deep in my soul coming up for me to face it. The pressure was changing me. It was transnational I could feel it.

Freak… Monster…Outcast… These words have followed me and they continue to do so. To the point that now they are my friends. My allies, they walk with me, and honestly, those who love and respect themselves are never truly alone. My darkness has become my biggest ally. Every layer of my being now walks with me, we know the direction we want to go. I have become wiser, stronger. I have learned to set boundaries, to walk tall in my path, even if the world is against me.

Remember that your goals will not manifest if you stay in the shadows. There is only so much you can manifest while under the protection of the demonic divine. This is the reality of where you are going, you have to spread your wings and soar, you cannot stay grounded and bound and expect to manifest what you desire. You have to face this world, cut through it like a knife through butter. This pain is only the beginning, the pressure you feel it is going to transform you. People who despise you will be a part of it, they can destroy you, or they can empower you to grow. That is the risk of transcendence.

With each moment of peace will come another test, you have big goals and the higher you aim the more you will have to overcome. Look at those who speak to you, look at their words. Their accusations are built on foundations of sand that will blow away with the first breeze that touches them.

This is the test though and where you must rise. These words will be nothing compared to what is to come. You are forging something new, you will be tested and challenged in ways you cannot even imagine. It doesn’t get easier, you just get more skilled, capable of managing it. Walking this path you need a skin of titanium. You need to take the hits and get back up ready for your next challenge.

Now you see, why I told you not to worry, not to care about the words and views of others. Most cannot rise to this level, and those who can’t will try to knock you down. Laugh it off, when your path and words offend someone so profoundly, it just shows that you are on top. You see, this world, I am just about starting to understand it but it still at times perplexes the hell out of me.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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