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Blood Works

Just because you understand the mechanics of how something works, does not make it any less of a miracle ... It is just another word for magick, it so just happens my magick is slightly different to yours.

True Vampires are clannish and keep to themselves. A common purpose could be that one might reach to those other Vampires (and the ones destined to be) who remain yet unknown. As many of you have no doubt discovered, meeting a real Vampire can prove difficult.

These concerns are not unfounded. The people who are interested in authentic Vampires range from the curious to the incredulous and from the open and intelligent seeker to the genuinely outright dangerous. For every serious inquirer, there are a number of cranks and some people have even taken upon themselves the role of self-styled “vampire hunter.” And there are always those rich oriental potentates who will stop at nothing to achieve immortality. As if Vampirism can be bought and sold like any cheap commodity!

There are, of course, many misconceptions regarding the true nature of the Vampire. While most people no longer believe that witches fly through the air and turn themselves into cats, the vast majority still cling to the myths and legends surrounding the Vampire, believers and non-believers alike.

While there is much truth in the legends of old (and we ourselves are often guilty of perpetuating them), few realize that where there is smoke, there is also fire. The truth about Vampires is infinitely more powerful and much more beautiful than anything the fanciful imaginations of the common lore could ever devise.

Membership into a Vampiric Order should not be limited strictly to those of full or partial Vampiric Blood but also others who are deemed to be worthy of initiation into the Mysteries of Vampirism, whilst protecting existing members and safeguarding the vows of secrecy and silence.

There are many who recognize the blood of the Old Ones, which courses through their veins and stirs the depths of their soul, the deep calling unto the deep.

If the flesh has been made because of the spirit, it's a wonder. If the spirit has been made because of the body, then it is a wonder of wonders. But I wonder about this: how has this great wealth being settled in this immense poverty?

Are you honest? Nice? Is that what your trust is based on? Does everyone want you? Can you imagine that your pain will be less intense because you loved kindness or truth?

The feeling of dying is only comparable to a night on the high seas, but all dark, without stars...

Who knows the end? What has emerged might yet sink and what has collapsed might still re-emerge.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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