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This account outlines perfectly how to have success with magick, spell-casting, and to be honest, anything in life. My tattoos all have a story to tell, one of which is the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum derived from my following of Tibetan Buddhist teachings. The mantra relates to the highest state of being. I used to practice Raja Yoga and Mantra Meditation, which is what this story involves, but it applies to magick and spells casting as well. I head this story from a Yogi Master regarding one of his students and it was truly inspiring. The Master told the story of a man who had come to him wanting to have success in his business. This man had reached a point where he felt blocked and unable to progress to the next level. In fact, his success has started to dry up. The Master gave this man the Esoteric Lakshmi Mantra “Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Abundance and part of the feminine trinity. It is a very powerful Mantra; I have used it myself and had huge success with it. The Master told the businessman to perform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra. Mantra Siddhi is basically chanting the Mantra in intervals of 108 until 125 000 repetitions have been attained. It is a very noble goal to strive for and not many people have the mental discipline to commit to performing it. The businessman was very excited and went away to perform this Mantra. He diligently committed himself to the Mantra and managed to reach 125 000 repetitions after 3 months. Nothing happened. The business man’s mindset here is brilliant. He did not blame the Mantra, He did not blame the Raja Yogi Master, He did not blame the Goddess. He figured he had a larger block than he originally thought which he needed to overcome so he decided he was going to perform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra again. So he diligently went about performing 125 000 repetitions of the Lakshmi Mantra again. It took him another three months to complete Mantra Siddhi. Again nothing happened. Once again the businessman proved he had a superior mindset, as again… He did not blame the Mantra, He did not blame the Raja Yogi Master, He did not blame the Goddess. He thought, oh man I must have a huge block that needs to be shifted. So he decided to perform Mantra Siddhi with the Lakshmi Mantra one more time. So he began diligently working towards attaining Mantra Siddhi. This time it took him four months to complete the 125,000 repetitions. At the completion of his journey, the floodgates opened and the businessman was blessed with insane success and prosperity! He had so much money flowing to him, he was overjoyed. It was at this point that he chooses to phone the Raja Yogi Master and thank him profusely for the wonderful gift that he had given him. The businessman was so full of happiness and gratitude, which is another important step to being successful. Being Grateful! It took the businessman 10 months to complete the Mantra and attain the success he desired, but once it was attained the floodgates opened. The moral of this story applies also to spell casting, sometimes results take longer than expected to manifest. You do not know what is fully going on with your energy, but you need to have faith and keep going towards what you want, stop blaming others, be grateful, and be willing to persevere. It is the only way to get powerful results and craft the life that you desire. One thing to really pay attention here to is this man’s mindset. His mindset is in such a good, powerful place, it is no wonder that he has huge financial success. How you come at life and at spell casting and magic, in general, will dictate the level of success that you attain. In fact, it is like that with anything. If you want to attain a level of mastery you need to practice diligently and be grateful for the successes that you do attain and continue to build on them. Be willing to do what it takes, commit yourself and your rewards will be great! Happy Chanting! ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
May 27, 2020

I start with Lakshmi.

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