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Hiatus (a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process) - Losing your magick

I have always maintained that I was an Occultist first… and by Occultist I mean I practice black magick, although I learned all sorts. My Luciferian journey came about as a subsequence of my occult practice not the other way round. And now I find myself at the helm of the most prestigious Luciferian Church worldwide.

Propagating Luciferianism is not difficult. It is an ideology, devoid of dogma and encompassing most people’s vision of being at peace with oneself. That makes the most sound-of-mind folk eligible... Of course, pay good attention to the phrase ..” sound of mind”.

So, what has happened of late that made me less active in the Occult scene … taking a back seat at a time when my ascension in the Luciferian world was at its peak? A crisis of self happened … love happened, my seeming incapability to separate myself from the mundane and vibrate at a higher frequency happened, and my magick started to feel heavy and laborious.

When you work magick, the "separation" between you and everything else becomes incredibly permeable. You may seem to be getting away with it, but it's an illusion. Not only does all magick boomerang back on you eventually, but you are paying for it immediately in the causal realm. Also, the use of Power drains you of power. It is a tricky and masterful feat to be able to regenerate, maintain your sanity and safety and still work your magick at full pelt. Not all magickians are capable of this, and we all know the outcome there too well!

Maybe I’m just crazy too. It takes so much courage to do this and to do it well. At the end of the day, this path is a solitary one that only you can see in its entirety. As humans, we love to share the things that excite us, make us laugh, make us cry, but so many of the experiences tied to our inner world are almost impossible to discuss with others. Somehow one must accomplish finding a way to share those experiences with the world in an honest, inspiring way. Don’t ever feel the need to apologize for being human, for after all, we are divine beings in a human construct.

It's a tough road to put yourself out there in the public eye and open yourself to the scrutiny that may follow. It creates a lot of psychological pressure to think you have to constantly be thinking up new material for new videos and may god help you if you make a mistake or utter a controversial viewpoint!

The term “black magick” has always been on my mind; what does it mean? What is considered black, and is magick truly black at times? The one thing I’ve recently taken upon myself is the understanding, and misinterpretation of language and words.

The “absence of light” and the first definition implies you need light to see through blackness. From the spectrum of magick, one must find the inner blackness to find the light – or accept the blackness in your life in order to fully appreciate the light.

The above will most probably fly over the top of most people’s heads but I have attempted to explain in layman terms the words black magick. Doubt it not, most will remain ignorant and imbeciles, sticking to a version of so-called facts that was provided to them by one organization or another to influence their ways of thinking, successfully.

So where do we go from here, I hear you ask. Well, I must rekindle my magick, realign my energy, regain control of me (love fucks this up, if not balanced), and allow only positive people to impact me in a positive manner. The world of today is a mire of dirt, most people’s intent is fit for the sewer, so one needs to remain true to oneself.

Five occult mentors later, years of study, and I find myself like a boxer reeling on the ropes? Nah, time to fight back, eradicate anything that stands in the way of progression and that does not/will not contribute to my growth and peace of mind, the rest, all that flows nicely, can stay. As for your better half, as people and more so as Occultists, choose that person wisely or the ramifications on your life, and also your magick will reach far and wide. We are all weak sometimes, learn not to be weak all the time!

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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