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Understanding the Journey

Black magick is the art of achieving a desired outcome at the cost hidden to the magician. In other words, it is much reliant on external factors - the forces and costs that are not known. Speculations on financial markets is a type of black magick. Start trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency or get involved in stock-exchange trading - if you lucky you will become a true black magician.

The implication of using black magick are unpredictable to the user - that is the main difference between the color connotation of the black magick and the white one.

You can see it as using the power of an invisible dragon that is happy to help you with whatever you want to get right now. It will take its toll though. Dragon needs to be fed so it periodically takes someone to themselves as a price for their help. It peaks at random.

Next time it may take a stranger you don’t know, or it may take someone dear to you or yourself - you cannot know who is next. It is up to the dragon. How exactly the next one will be taken is also up to dragon. They may be simply killed, or they may get hooked up on drugs - it is up to dragon to decide. One is for sure - it will do the worst to the next one it chooses as a price for its service.

Unlike black magick, the white one relies fully on known consequence. It searches for the full knowledge of the mechanics of achieving the desired result. It looks for the ways to leave the dragon unemployed and therefore not fed.

Your choice. I chose to master the dragon but that too was not a feat that did not entail an exchange of sorts.

Magick (correctly spelt with a K) is a fairly broad term. I like to think of it as ‘undiscovered science’. The practice of using natural processes (which 100% exist but are yet to be explained) to create an outcome.

With magick it is possible to cure illnesses, mend a broken heart, bring back an ex-lover, find a new lover, increase one’s wealth, help the body lose excess weight, banish anxiety, and punish the unpunished.

These days people often want to know if I practice Black Magick, or White magick. They assume that Black Magick must be bad, or involve demons, whilst White Magick involves pretty flowers and puppies. In reality there is no Black or White Magick. There’s JUST magick.

Witchcraft is a term that encompasses a number of disciplines and skills, be that the creation of potions or medicines, fortune telling, or spell casting, or similar.

Back in the day, the ‘woman in the woods’ was the local doctor, priestess and therapist. She would marry people. Bless their children. And when people were sick, she would heal them.

Then along came the Church, and they did their very best to put an end to all that.

People were told that Witches weren’t be trusted. They rounded up anyone who sympathized with witchcraft and had them executed. They used fear to control the masses (much like the politicians of today).

And they did all of this in the name of Jesus. Remember that the next time you’re singing a hymn about love for your fellow man. I’m here to change all that. Retribution comes in many forms.

Patrick Gaffiero


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