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Always Wanting What's Next

We’ve gotten into the habit of always wanting what’s next. We bring this consumeristic approach to spirituality as well. We learn something, file it away, and want what’s next. The next teaching, the next guru, the next spiritual blogger, the next method, the next initiation, a longer retreat, another psychedelic shamanic journey. We want what’s next when we haven’t even become intimate with the teaching or the experience or the knowledge that is right in front of us.

If ignorance is bliss, demon chasers must be in nirvana.

Exorcism is the religious rite exercised for driving Satan or evil spirits out of a possessed person, place, or thing. In ancient times, many cultures had such rites. Today, the Roman Catholic Church still believes in diabolic possession and its priests still practice what is called "real exorcism," a 27-page ritual to drive out evil spirits.

The ritual involves the use of holy water, incantations, various prayers, incense, relics, and Christian symbols such as the cross.

I find the behavior of the exorcists at least as interesting as that of the subject itself. Believing in demons is one thing; believing you have the ability to call up a supernatural being with infinite power and perfection that will cause demons to move on at your behest seems certifiable. The whole coven of exorcists and exorcized are deluded.

Exorcisms are performed on inanimate objects or places as well as on people. Satan is everywhere, it seems, but the specialist in real exorcism is needed only when The Evil One starts acting up.

Many people fear possession by demons, but the exorcists themselves can cause great damage. Exorcism has caused a number of real-world tragedies over the years, including several deaths.

So, do you believe in demons, I hear you ask? Well, now, that's another story...

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero


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