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Written Spells - Creating your own

– Your reason for creating a spell.

– The objective/result you want to achieve.

– Will this spell only be used once – does it have a supernatural “sell-by date”?

– Words of power – create your own.

– What worked/works for another sorcerer might not work for you.

– Are you going to make use of Entities, or are you using your own “power”?

– Consider the planetary days/nights/hours as well as colors/incenses etc.

– Will you be using a sigil or seal with your incantations?

– Are you going to work with physical tools or supernatural tools?

– Is your will and intent strong enough?

– Do you want to achieve the result within a certain time period?


– Meditate on your intent.

– Make sure your willpower is stronger than that of your target (if the target is a living thing).

– Once you start writing you should do so from your higher consciousness rather than your mental self.

– Impregnate every letter and word with your intent. Every punctuation, every symbol…EVERYTHING.

– Some mages create special inks and pens to write with. Anything goes as long as you can associate with the tools that you use in creating spells.

– If working with an Entity – do your research on said Entity.

– Call upon an Entity if you need help with your spell. You will be surprised what They can advise on.

– Once the spell is written you can even empower the parchment/paper it is written on. Then this piece of paper/parchment with the spell on it becomes a Sigil.

Some sorcerers even create a word of power to activate the properties of the written spell before they intone the workings.

– Remember: every spell has a beginning, a middle, and an end:

The Beginning of the Spell:

This part of the spell consists of stating your intent or petitioning a Spirit for assistance. Words of power can be entered here as well. Offerings and libations to the force or Spirit is usually included in the spell. This is usually given as thanks for the Spirit appearing. It is very important that the Spirit knows why you gave this. The sacrificial offering is usually done at the end of the spell.

If there is no Spirit used, write your intent clearly and state it.

The Middle of the Spell:

This part of the spell is the actual working. Here you can make use of Entities, sigils, candles, poppets, etc. The written part of the spell must correspond to your actions so that its supernatural properties can be unlocked. Once you have done this correctly, you might experience euphoria, light-headedness, or even a heightened state of awareness.

The End of the Spell:

Here you’re going to conclude the spell by thanking any Entities you worked with (give payment). Whether you worked with an Entity or not you will meditate on your objective/result. All candles used in spells are left to burn out BY THEMSELVES or to die out naturally.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
Apr 24, 2022

siete molto in gamba..."–Assicurati che la tua forza di volontà sia più forte di quella del tuo bersaglio (se il bersaglio è un essere vivente)". questo aspetto, ritengo, sia sottovalutato da molto , per il loro ego oppure perché vorrebbero diventare stregoni attraverso le letture su internet

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