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Within Temptation - On Demons & Demonology -Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

The purpose of a demon is to drain the life force from a living being and when the being dies walk the soul of the being into the light. Demons still do this but not without tormenting their hosts until death and having a bad attitude about walking the soul of the being into the light. This was their original purpose though countless mutations over the last one million years have changed the nature of demon-kind and given them additional roles to play.

That being said, no demon can be used for wealth and power. This absurd idea is purely man made because demons do not understand what “wealth” and/or “power” is. The premise of making a pact with a higher entity is to enjoy temporary benefits/pleasure/power/authority in this life at the expense of your soul in eternity. Included in this deal will be the continual degradation of yourself to continue reaping the temporary benefits. There is a huge difference between commanding the respect of Demons and being at their behest.

Demons cannot break deals because they have no understanding of what a deal is. Contrary to popular opinion, demons are not intelligent, and this is so because demons do not require to any degree of intellect to do their job despite being sentient entities that can think for themselves. Demons merely do the role they were created to do or were given after evolving to the next rank in the hierarchy. This role and how to perform it is built directly into their biology and hence comes natural to them.

The only way to determine one type of demon from another is based on its rank. The higher the rank, the more roles a demon can potentially perform though only one role given its rank.

Witches like any other being cannot command Demons and order Demons to attack or possess a human being. Demons do not answer to anyone but their own commanding officers or those with Demonic lineage. Not all witches have supernatural power . Now, some witches can scream all day that their witchcraft works but this is based on causal occurrence, the belief that one event caused the other. These witches can say point A led to point B but cant explain how point A led to point B and if they do, its all based on casual observations and casual observations cannot explain causation.

Demons appear as a small 4-legged animal with the head of a human being. the head of the demon however does not have all the attributes of a human as the eyes of the demon remain shut as they do not need them open to see and demons also do not have lips, so their teeth are exposed in a sneer like manner. Demons have long hair that goes down to their back.

All demons appear this way aside from the master demons who appear old while a Leviathan looks like a snake with golden scales. The demon is also wearing a “uniform” which is made of secreted material and looks like a body glove with stumps for legs. On the front legs you see 3 distinctive tic marks, this would be the ID for the demon. The ID tells the demons name, rank and the name of its commanding Leviathan. This is something only demons can see however so they know who is who.

Demons do not respond to any kind of divination nor does a divine being for that matter. Divination is used to help you understand a question or problem more clearly and make a better choice and have a better outcome. Also, a pendulum is not a legit form of divination because its creation is purely man made. All legit forms of divination come from divine beings. Pendulums are not accurate due to having false positives and negatives and divination is more involved than just getting a yes or no.

Many people think that Lucifer is just a magical genie anyone can call up, but it does not work like that! In order for one to meet Lucifer, they have to climb through the ranks or, they have to be spiritually powerful enough to do so.

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Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
١٤ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٣

veramente interessante, come sempre. è un fatto di evoluzione personale, di energia e senza interesse, nè controllo. penso in rete, ne ho siano parecchi che osteggino i loro poteri e capacità, perchè stanno senza soldi e sono esauriti, stesso concetto del pendolo...hanno bisogno di conferme...non è un giudizio, ma cosi è . grazie, reverendo patrick, sempre umile e gentile e molto preparato


Lupita Olivarez
Lupita Olivarez
١٢ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٣

Interesting. Thank you.

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