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Why do Magick?

You start this life in a certain physical place at a certain time locked inside a physical body. You understand at a very young age that this world is not your world. You feel out of place and you stick out. As you grow up, from a very young age, other children understand too that you are different. They will like you, love you, taunt you, or even hate and fear you. Adults too react to you and they will even feel inferior to you, they sense your old soul. They may even dislike you or give you labels. In the old days, you would be labeled a witch’s child or an unnatural spirit, but the main thing is that you are not of this world. So, trapped in a physical body, locked in a material universe, and chained by society’s limited understanding of you, you start to break out of prison, you plan your escape. By what tools will you escape and reintegrate yourself? How will you deal with your situation? Accept your fate until your next reincarnation? Grow? Adapt? Evolve? There are aspects of you that are pure but there are aspects of you that were tainted during your fall. To work your way back to the Garden of Eden and reclaim your throne as a God, you must first map the Universe. You start by finding the different forces and influences and mapping them, making symbols of them. Now, understand that many have traversed this road before, so you can avail yourself of symbols that are already there and who are also charged by the many who walked before. You work with each one of these forces and discover they are a universe in itself, from which everything can be perceived, and you reintegrate them in a purer form. Until your understanding of the universe reaches a certain point where you transcend the limitations of the material and mundane, and you understand the mystery. That is the point of doing magick. Invoking demons and angels, bringing elementals forth, conjuring the zodiacal or planetary energies, are just the tools. Maybe that is why magick works because our cognitive universe can go anywhere, even to the universe of thoughts, and if we observe the real universe like we were part of it, it might be observed differently than the reality of being inside it. ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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