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Why are we taught to keep silent and enter the dark?

This is because magic (k) is found only in the most hidden aspects of reality, which are found by expanding consciousness and seeing beyond instincts and senses. This involves mastery and mastery of one’s internal energies, they are these, through their subtleties, the way they influence our reality. That's why it's important to keep silent and observe. That's why meditation and introspection allow us to find those forces that operate and in turn move them at will; this is the work of the magician, the ability to transform reality into its deepest level, in its subtle level, where one can recreate oneself. But it is only when you shut your mind and walk away from the frugality of the senses that you will really comprehend: learning from matter is learning from ourselves, to exercise dominance over this is to be exercising dominance over ourselves. It is therefore not that the universe is alien to us; it is that we are alien to it. But understanding this, it is how we can truly begin to be, not from those who have created us, but from our true being. It is so then, that the Shaman has to cross sickness, torture, and death, to be changed and exalted through self-sacrifice, and the way he can achieve his ossification (apotheosis) through darkness and silence that is within oneself. It is not, then, about following the beliefs of such or as a deity, teacher, or spiritual guide: it is about becoming it, in that experience, in that reality. Whatever the name, whatever the path, one makes the call through the ritualistic elements that allow one’s consciousness to enter the same tune and vibration of that correspondence: We ask for the strength and courage of a deity because we have become the strength and courage of said deity. Correspondence, magick, and materials, are only the catalysts that will allow you to enter the state of mind to unwrap yourself as a deity. So then you don't become a deity because you believe in it but because you act and you are that deity. Whether Lucifer, Buddha, or a Dragon, their spirit and essence connect with you because they, like you, have had to face challenges, obstacles, and vicissitudes, where defeat has never been an option. If the warrior, the hero, monk, or master, had stopped at the first obstacle faced, they would not have been, then, known for who they are now. That's why Nietzsche said, "Whoever fights monsters must ensure that in doing so does not become a monster himself". Be then, creator of yourself, your own deliverer, and your own hero. A student once asked… "Master, how can I face isolation? - Clean your house. Deep down. In every corner. Even the ones you never felt like, the courage and patience to touch. Make your house bright and cared for. Take the dust, the cobwebs, the impurities. Even the most hidden ones. Your house represents yourself: if you take care of it, you take care of yourself too. Master, but time is long. After taking care of myself through my house, how can I live in isolation? - Fix what can be fixed and remove what you no longer need. Dedicate yourself to re mending, embroider the rips of your pants, sew the frayed edges of your garments well, restore furniture, repair everything worth repairing. The rest, throw it away. With gratitude. And with an awareness that their cycle is over. Fixing and eliminating outside of you allows you to fix or remove what's inside you. Master, and then what? What can I do all the time alone? - Sow. Even a seed in a vase. Take care of a plant, water it every day, talk to it, give it a name, remove dry leaves and weeds that can suffocate it, and steal precious vital energy. It's a way to take care of your inner seeds, your desires, your intentions, your ideals. Master, what if the emptiness comes to visit me?... If fear of disease and death comes? - Talk to them. Prepare the table for them too, book a place for each of your fears. Invite them to dinner with you. And ask them why they came from so far to your home. What message they want to bring to you. What do they want to communicate? Master, I don't think I can do this... - It's not isolation your problem, but the fear of facing your inner demons, those you always wanted to keep away from you. Now you can't run away. Look them in the eye, listen to them and you'll find out they put you against the wall. They isolated you so they can talk to you. Like seeds they can only sprout if they are alone." ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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