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Why Are We Here?

My Occult studies have focused from time to time on one question: Why are we here? Pop culture indicates one of two answers to the reason for our existence:

The First: We are here solely for the purpose of worshipping God the Creator, or some grand entity there like, and to base our existence around pleasing this cosmic entity by following rules of conduct and morality.

The Second: We are here because of a big explosion which was followed by gradient evolution, relying on a chemical soup of unknown composition and mere chance to cause sequence after sequence of minor change over a span of millions of years to produce everything now in existence. Therefore the supernatural is either non-existent or doesn't play a part in our life.

The Answer I Subscribe to be that Magick is "in the center of everything". Magick is focused on building up your own soul into the potential of a major deity. Every person is a god unto themselves and an eternal being of equal potential power to that of any existing entity.

The Magician may or may not, in this view, believe in deities or other demons, and may not even pay heed to the existence of any kind of spirit at all. The important part of any mystic operation is the accumulation of basic terrestrial power and using this energy to manifest itself in a tangible and usable format in the visible mundane world.

In being a Luciferian, I too am first of all human; realizing, as other humans do, that life is a bitch to be put bluntly, of course. It is after this realization that humans attach moral interactions with reality such as having the firm inclination to see positive things in whatever shit may happen. I am all for positive thinking. The cycles we experience in life form a part of the bigger picture: birth, death, rebirth.

Recent years have seen positive thinking through self-improvement programs like “The Secret” and its myriad of spin-offs. I am all for the revival of hidden knowledge. At least many people become aware of how they themselves are responsible: “all the shit in your life is dragged into your life by you“. Therefore we try to find positives in all the shit that happens.

As a Luciferian, you are also and firstly human and shit happens to you too. But do not assume things happen for a reason. I mean, they happen for a reason [as in consequence] but not for a reason [as in punishment or reward for something] unless it is a consequence. We separate this by realizing that consequences [the way things turn out] are real, and moral values [the way things should be] are not.

Do you believe in destiny, that everything is pre-decided? Or do you believe in free will? Do you even know what true Will is? Being human, you will tend to adapt and jump around these assumptions more or less in a random fashion.

Luciferians should be well aware of the conditions of assumption and try to transcend them. Sometimes you marvel that something you call ‘fate’ has smiled at you, at the same time knowing well enough, you dragged all the shit into your life, and you realise also that if you can get this herculean pile of shit in, you clearly not only possess great power but can just as easily project that shit out.

The worst enemy you will always face is doubt and regret. They are powerful signals that you need to be more in control of your plans and actions. Learn from the consequences that arise. Once you control your plans and your actions, you can control fate.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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