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What’s in a Name!

In Magick names given to objects and animals alike, end up with the item/animal taking on the magical properties of that name. One must be careful when picking a name for anything used in spell casting as names carry with them specific energies that can affect the outcome of your spells and yes this includes black cats!

One thing that everyone should be aware of is that names carry real significance to what energies pass through that object. So should you go naming your cat after some demonic entity, do not expect your cat to behave normally..... More than likely it will be hanging off the curtains during your spell work ... but I digress...

This is much the same with your spiritual name, make sure that what you end up choosing is in tune with your energies, be patient while waiting for that name to manifest, ever more so when working with Black Magick.

With the Dark Arts one wants to make certain that all the energies match up. If they don't the spell has a higher chance of backfiring. Spells take a lot of time to craft and materialize, one has to make sure that they balance all the energies right.

Be mindful when choosing magical items and names as these will shape the type of sorcerer that you will become. The Great Sorcerers of the past were very meticulous and paid great attention to the finer details of their work, which is what made them so great, this very attention to detail. The forces black magic evokes are like two-edged poisoned swords with grips studded with scorpion stings.

There are two kinds of black magicians, those who use the demons of the astral plane, which they invoke through necromancy and invocation and those who create their own demons and unleash them against the world.

The first lot is by far the more dangerous, but the second lot injure themselves more. The first group is composed mostly of conscious black magicians, while there are many in the second group who are totally ignorant of what they are doing. Some never get to grips with their mistake until the very same demons they have created come back to haunt the very same person that created them.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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