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Waste not, want not!; On-Time and People.

You know you have been wasting so much time on things that just don’t matter. It is time. You have had your time to lament and whine. You have healed and worked hard to reclaim your power. Now it is time to shed this skin and leave it behind. It is time to let it go.

Why are you wasting so much time? You could be directing all this energy to things that are much more productive. That is more geared towards where you want to go. Do not mind those who hurt you, they have no idea. If anything it shows where they are and that they are people who you do not want in your close circle. Do you want to be successful or spend your life justifying why you cling to the past!?

You want to know a key to success, I will tell you. You have a limited amount of time here in this realm and every day you have choices of what you do with that time. You can waste it on things that have happened in the past and on people who have wronged you, people who drain you, and only want to see you fall, or you can focus on creation, what you want to build, what it is that you want to do and direct your attention on building the life that you want and desire. You have a lot to be grateful for, and it is from that base that more things can manifest and rise from.

Every day you have a specific amount of time and you choose what you do with it. You choose what you spend your time on and what you spend your activities on, who you want to spend it with. Spend it with people who empower you and give you a reason to smile. I want you to stop and think of those people who not only stand by you but who came to your side when everything fell apart, those friends who have been there with you and helped you when you needed it most. Those are the people that you want in your life. Those are the people that you want watching your back.

Shifting your perspective will free you from this. Knowing who your friends are and who has your back, well when they reveal themselves, honor them. Guard your inner circle; those people will mirror back your own vibrations. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who will help you rise and not people who will sink you and drain your energies.

You were focused on a perspective that was not serving you. You also were letting your fear get the better of you. Look at the life you have. You see the difference; you can see it all now. It is a moment of clarity. This is the direction that you want to go.

Petty people will try to knock you down, they will try to pull you into their drama and bring your vibration down to their level to make themselves feel better. They will suck your time and your energy and contribute nothing back. Look at all the energy vibrations around you and ask yourself what you are ready to let go of? What do you want to release? What are you ready to shift away from?

These energies though, the higher you rise the more people will come out to knock you down. Rise above them and their words. So, build and grow. Those who walked with you will stay and those who shunned you will try to get back in. It is the nature of things. People reveal themselves through their actions. Change your energies; focus on what you want, what you are creating, and where your passions are. This place, this place of creation and raw passion is the place where dreams are realized.

This is not a path of a pacifist, this is one of a person who is balanced and in control, one who knows where the best area is to direct their energies and who can see the choices and analyze them knowing which choice is the best one to take to lead to where they desire to go. It is the path of empowerment.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


May 25, 2021

Please leave the game in a fit condition for others to play at a later date as well. I'm split between trying to save myself ...and making sure the garden we play in is something like balanced my idea of what it should be like ..any outcome would still not broken ..only experience. Allow for the what if's ...keep the place tidy. Big love and thank you.


Candice Marth
Candice Marth
May 22, 2021

Absolutely true! Thank you, very inspiring.

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