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War of the Gods

I say my God is better than yours, and you retort "No, but my God is but the True God!"

This tedious insipid argument of mental degradation seems to have no end. It has been going on for years since the beginning of self-awareness.

Until then, you are stuck within the bounds of your imagination, creating your god as your best imaginary friend to fix all of your insecurities and pains, to be your best friend because you have no one to trust, to be your savior because your pastor duped you into believing you were born in sin.

My consciousness drifts through the cosmic ether as it seeks its purpose, the unknown becomes an experience, and the known becomes the boredom of the past. Divinity is at the suburbia of the Universe, but how can one get there faster than the expansion of perceived time? It’s only a human idea, surely it can be defied!

Reality must be found, but what is it? Does it lie within the depths of simpleton dogma, or can we look deep within the caverns of enlightenment and take back the roots of life?

Many beliefs, traditions, and religions are chosen conclusions from others, this is why when confronted, most people sound foolish in attempting to defend their way of life because it was not their own.

Luciferians, seek your own path, find your life purpose, study, read, love life, and be creative. Do not fall prey to religion out of fear, out of pity, or out of ignorance, find reasons and knowledge to justify why you should hold any belief or accept any theory.

Build your spirit from top to bottom, you don't need an imaginary friend to help you, nor do you need hypocritical religious leaders to be your guide dogs.

Let not the trepidation of religious judgment befall you, do not be lazy-minded. Ascend and advance, always moving nearer to the Light.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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