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Walking with Demons - The Path (III)

I look back on this all from where I am today ..the friends, the people, the experiences. I realize I walked the gauntlet like all of them have. There are things in your life that define you, past events that shape and mold you.

This was my journey. The cycle repeated itself twice actually. I learned more each and every time. I kept learning and I kept growing. I realized it was part of the growth and that every time I wanted to grow, this was going to happen. I learned how to bend and work the energies and realized that this was not something that had to destroy me. In fact, it was something that would empower me, that would help me grow. It was a dance and it was consistent growth.

I started to see all the patterns and connections and realized that the energies around me were fluid and dynamic. I could command them and bring them where I wanted to.

I have always had a connection with demons and I cannot explain it, but it is deep and it influences every part of my journey here. I know that every step of the way, every one of them whom I worked with has played a role in my liberation, and for that I was grateful. It was a joint effort. I put in my half but they put in theirs. This journey is still growing and I am still learning. The foundation is strong and getting stronger.

People fail to see the group effort, they jump from one thing to another and they do not realize the complex chain of events that often leads to healing, to growth. The gratitude has to flow through the entire sequence of events, the entire process builds on itself. As you grow and change, the world around you changes too. You are able to break free of what held you down and enter a state where you are able to move and bend the world around you. It is the power of your mind and it is the power of your core. This is not easy and most people will not do it.

They are addicted to their state and they do not want to break free from it, so there they will remain. They will stay comfortable and not go through the challenges that one must go through to progress. The information that you have learned is replicable and repeatable. You can apply it to anything in life and you can use it to continue to grow.

There is still much to learn and I will be here with you for that as well. This journey really never stops until your body ceases to function. Let these lessons reveal to you that this is not torture, but a challenge that your perception will define. Take it for what it is and move into the next challenge with enthusiasm and excitement. You have seen what happens when you trust and follow the right teachings. Continue to do so and let us see how far you can take it in this life, how far you will go.

Faith is a key feature here. You have to have faith and you must be willing to hold that faith even when it all falls apart. When you hold that faith, the pieces begin to come together and it will all make sense. So many times I thought it was all going to implode. It is a process and it is something that builds and grows as you do.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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