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Walking with Demons - About Madness and Chaos (Part II)

So life descended rapidly into pure madness, the pieces had dislodged and now the time had come for me to walk through it. This is what happens when you really break free. It has to. Everything that made you also hold you in place and to truly break free you really do have to embrace and walk through the chaos. When it first hit me it was horrific. I understand why so many successful people have their story but they also have their horror that they have to face. But… from working with demons there was hope… there always is….

Have you ever had a moment where you wished someone would just appear and tell you that you are not crazy? That they know everything and that there was a plan? I refocused again as I realized that they were with me and that they were helping me. It was a moment where that thing you ask for that you never thought would happen, happened, and I was not going to waste it. The energies were flowing and moving and it was up to me to shape them and mold them.

You have to shape what you want. You can’t just walk through this chaos, you have to force this new reality. You are drifting and just letting it take you. Focus, Focus (in Latin focus means fire) and go in the direction that you want to go. Right now the energies are broken, they are scattered but you are the master and you have to harness them, summon them, conjure them. You are the conjurer, now conjure and summon the energies and control them. Bend them to your will. You know how to, you have the knowledge and you have been given everything you need to make it happen.

Suddenly everything I had learned fell in line, everything my higher self had guided me to suddenly was useful. It was relevant and it aligned so strongly with everything that was happening. At times I thought there were too many coincidences and I must be crazy, but in the same instance there were way too many coincidences and I knew I was not crazy. It was them and they were shifting things around me, revealing things, opening doors, changing the world. It was incredible and the more things happened the more things opened up I was stunned and the madness started to be comfortable. It meant the change was coming and it meant that I could carve and mold the world around me. I found myself at home and I embraced a power I had long lost. I remembered my friends telling me I got everything I desired… yeah… Demons…

My mentor during this time passed away. There is an unwritten Law in the Occult, that the student must overtake the master and claim their own work, add to it and shape it, expanding the next lesson, the next generation. When you are ready the master will appear, and equally, when you are ready the master will depart. So it happened my master had passed from this world and I found myself staring into the void, looking for a sign and wondering what to do next.

Of course, death only means we return home again. We will be able to guide others from another level, similar to how demons guide you. You realize you are not alone and you will never be. Death is only a transition and through death, you will impact and help others in other ways. When the physical body is weary, it is time the soul moves on but it does not lose its power.

Demons will always be able to reach you, even in the darkest places, even when your lights all go out and you are left shattered and alone. They reach and help you rise from the ashes and pieces of your own soul... You are never really alone, even when you think you are...

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero

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