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Waking up

If we think that we are superheroes just because we have found a new philosophy we like, think again. As humans, Luciferians are not exempt from the limitations of our animalistic disposition including its inherent physical flaws (disease, fatigue, hunger, etc). All of us traveling on the occult path seek a state of higher insight. Call it Gnosis, Enlightenment, Awakening, or whatever you relate to, but the first step always begins with a rough wake-up call.

Some of you will experience this initiatory experience as an abrupt realization, during your own ritual work, or maybe during some kind of actual initiation into an order. Or maybe you remember something from your past, or you experienced a particularly lucid dream, or maybe you’re a crystal or indigo child and just realized that you are different. No matter how you got there, you have seen a glimpse of the light, of being awake. It is said that meditation, sex, or drugs can induce this altered state of mind where this experience can manifest too.

The danger is that then you slip comfortably back into sleep once you passed this threshold of your experience. If and when you begin feeling that you have overcome this limitation of sleep, you have not, nor will you completely as long as your spirit animates the flesh in this dimension.

I am not only talking about the physical sleep you undertake on a daily basis, which esoterically speaking, is perhaps when you are the most awake (your spirit is not confined to material boundaries but can float about in other dimensions).

When you wake up, you are still asleep. Your day begins with you getting up and so begins the re-adjusting back into society, as timetables, mundane responsibilities and your appearance are the prison guards that you surrender control to, maybe you poison your body with low-grade caffeine, which alters your mind slightly (tricking you to think that you are less asleep) and you go about your day as a mindless robot, stuck in 2 hours of traffic every day.

During your pre-programmed social interactions, you may experience momentary sparks of creativity, which you know usually fall on the stone-cold moist floor of sleep, since rarely are your peers awake enough to take advantage of your ideas, unless you get your illicit packet of divine creativity safely through all the parameters of limitations of language to transmit an idea, or similar, into the mundane, sleeping world.

Study how children effortlessly play with their surroundings and create myriads of fantasy worlds as they play along. You lost that art, you need to find it, but most importantly, realize now your limitations, so you may have a chance to overcome them.

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero


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