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Understanding the Term “Satan” Part (II)

Lucifer, on the other hand, though just as profound and amazing, is different. He is a Fallen Angel turned Demon Lord who infused within his being Demonic Dark Energy and now walks a balance of angelic energy mixed with demonic energy. He is the Morning Star, the balance, the duality between light and dark. He fell from Heaven for his different thoughts and ideas and decided to venture forth on his own, thus becoming a Demon Lord and a powerful one in his own right.

Energetically, Satan, and Lucifer are different. So why are they sometimes mixed? Because, though they are not Satan per se, they are a “Satan”. See Satan is also a title, as well as a name. It means adversary. Satan is a name of a Divine Being who sits on the Divine Counsel, but it is also an umbrella encompassing other Dark Lords and Demons.

There are beings out there that rebel, they go against the grain, they challenge the status quo and the beliefs of the Right-Hand Path and conformity. They seek freedom and passion, exploring the depth of the physical and the profane. The Fallen angel Lucifer was called a “Satan” because he turned away from what was expected, what he was meant to do, he became an adversary. The Fallen Angels challenged the norm and they walked away from what they were supposed to do, what they had been told and they decided to walk to the tune of their own beat.

“Lucifer, when he fell, became a Satan, he was then the adversary to Jehovah. Ahriman is a Satan, Samael is also a Satan, These demons are not Lord Satan himself, (they are demon lords in their own right), but they are termed Satan, which is why sometimes the confusion happens and people mistake them one for the other. When analyzing and working with spiritual energies sometimes messages can get mixed up.

It is very easy to get mixed messages, and interpreting and working with different energies to find the true meaning can sometimes take years. Look at how easily a game of telephone can turn disastrous. It can even get more confusing with spiritual energy especially due to the fact that there really are many ways to interpret things, the spiritual world exists in dimensions beyond the threshold our brains are accustomed to handling.

So all these other demons that are mistaken for Satan, this is because they too hold the title of the adversary and they walk a very powerful and unique path of liberation, freeing people from constrains and societal beliefs.

They in their perspective areas act as a Satan, one who is an accuser, an adversary, one who stands for breaking free from tradition and following one's true path and one true heart, a guide at times on the Left-Hand Path, and one who challenged what is acceptable. In my experience, I believe that “Satan” is an umbrella term that covers the higher demonic realm, the ancient ones.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
Sep 18, 2020

Hail Lucifer

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