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Understanding the Term “ Satan” Part (I)

A very interesting thing I uncovered in my occult studies, one I have sought to understand is why so many people associate Lucifer and Satan as the same being. They could not be more different. Different frequency of energy altogether.

One being an Ancient Demon Lord who is Dark Divinity incarnate. Lord Satan, The Dark Father, and Lord of Demons. A very powerful, magnetic, inspiring, fatherly, and incredible Demon Lord to behold. Working with him is life-changing and profound. He is Divine Source, He is ancient and powerful, one who is eternal and has lived forever. He has seen much and is full of wisdom and guidance for those who walk beside him. He also is a member of the Divine Council.

Evidence seen in the bible and in many Demonolatry texts confirms that Satan himself is a Divine being who encompasses Dark Divinity. He sits on the Divine Council and represents the darker elements of the Demons. Those who walk in the beautiful shadows and are not afraid to work with the darkness shed their societal beliefs and experience pure unrestrained freedom.

In Jewish lore, they don’t have a devil, God is both good and bad, and Satan is not a bad guy, he is a judge. This re-enforces the idea of this Divine council, with divinity being of both light and dark and everything in between. That said I disagree that divinity is Yahweh or Jehovah. Yahweh is his own being and he represents another more restrictive path and an element of this scale.

True Divinity just is, all-encompassing, it is everything and nothing, far beyond whatever personalities are attributed to it. Though there are many paths to divinity and Satan and the Demon path represent just but one of them. Demons are known for being judges. Leviathan is also a judge and now we have evidence showing that Lord Satan is as well. Demons keep the order, they are protectors, they do the jobs that are shunned by others, they can descend into the darkness and handle what most people would prefer to ignore.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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