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Understanding Demons

A common misconception to understand is that Vampires are not Demons. They possess their own energy field which has its unique set of traits but it is not the same as that of Demons.

Demon/Jinn : Spirit, Deity, Divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity, one’s genius, a lot of fortune, god of heather, unclean spirit, hell-knight, divine principle or inward oracle.

So, what do we know about Demons, they are dark, can appear menacing but also take on many other shapes, forms and appearances. They have their own morals and ethics; they have families, feelings, emotions. They are capable of expressing deep love and emotion. They can be cruel, heartless, menacing. They are tenacious and they can get the job done. They are focused, powerful, masters of themselves.

They can be dangerous, primal, sexual, aggressive, and possessive. They can possess people; influence them to commit terrible acts. They can toy with the minds of the weak. They can heal people, attract money, opportunity, abundance and help with personal mastery and awakening of one’s true essence. They also have a hierarchy ... but that is another topic.

All Demons harbor within them a black energy. Most people do not have the eye to differentiate between the different types of black energy. Humans have darkness within their own energy field but it is seldom black. A sharp third eye can detect the various shades of darkness within the aura and see the difference. We all have dark energy within our being. It is this dark side that creates our balance. Most humans have dark shades of blue, purple or grey, but black is rare.

A Demon has a specific type of black energy. It is not an evil energy (though it can be used in that way) it is a beautiful black energy that is very powerful. This black energy even exists in the auras of some selective humans. Those few that have this energy in their auras are demonic in essence and have demonic ancestry. A human with this capability can learn to awaken and use this energy and is truly capable of some pretty amazing things.

There is another type of black energy that often gets confused for Demonic energy. This energy is truly evil; it is a black energy that is very corrosive, destructive. The entities that embody this energy are not Demons, Demons are capable of love and demonstrate feelings, these beings have no emotions, they do not experience love or joy, they show only a desire to destroy and cause turmoil. With these entities, the only end result is complete and utter destruction and ruin for the ones invoking them.

They bide their time and wait for the right moment so they can destroy you and wreck your life. They are twisted, scheming, manipulating and pure evil. They are very dark, evil to their core essence; they take delight in pain, suffering, torture and will gladly destroy you, your world and everyone else in it.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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