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Truth Be Said

There are a lot of practitioners out there who claim to be these miracle-working “rootworkers” that isn’t even initiated or adept in anything whatsoever. They have this “talent” of telling people exactly what they want to hear to draw the uneducated to them thinking that they know all. We have spoken to these so-called “adepts” and have quickly determined their complete lack of any proper occult knowledge.

Don’t you just absolutely hate it when people blatantly disregard what you say? I absolutely despise it. Just as I despise people who blatantly lie to me. In the Occult, truth is the most valuable thing you can find, but at the same time, the rarest.

In my Occult “career” I came across a few prolific and wise characters. I may not “like” these people, however, some of their words made a great impact.

Then you get that other pretentious glam-wh***s, that fill their pockets with pennies, earned from the toil of others. This is one of the many things I hate that has reared its ugly two-sided head in the Occult world history. So many practitioners out there, follow tired paradigms and teachings blindly, like the sickly sheep they are, and wonder why they don’t make any progress in their spiritual growth. People, there is nothing wrong with questioning any process, thought, and belief. Herein lies progress and understanding!

The whole point of the Occult is to empower ourselves as individuals and NOT crawl up some God/Demon or Angel's ass, groveling like a swine. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need ANY of these beings to grow spiritually-you only need the will and desire. These Beings are simply used as a tool-they respect POWER and if you grovel around them, it will amuse them for a while until they tire of it, then discard you like a used condom.

If you wish to work with any Being (including lower beings such as the Goetia) you need to work on yourself day and night and gain AUTHORITY, and diamond hard faith in your abilities. If not…you’ll become a chew toy for the damned.

Remember, question EVERYTHING, and master yourself in extent and degree, then not even Heaven and Hell can move you.

Spiritual awakening is not sitting around a campfire, holding hands, and proclaiming love to the universe…it is overcoming yourself, limitations, and murdering your old self in order to evolve. If you cannot achieve this, then cling to tired old paradigms and dogma, sit on your sofa, read the Necronomicon and fantasize about the badass that you more than likely are not.

Review worn-out volumes of the Golden Dawn, speculate with long-dead poets and philosophers about the meaning of it all, and practice your Tibetan script in your notebook…Sooner or later, the book of life shall close on you and your chapter will be headlined with…?

If you cannot take the initiative…you will just be sheep fodder.

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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How amusing that you plagiarized our old blog: How many other works didn't you plagiarize? You have already been exposed on social media.

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