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True Form of Self and Soul (I)

I will start by firstly talking about us as a whole, our energetic composition, and the layers that we have of the self. There are probably more layers of the self, but I will start with the ones I have uncovered thus far. In other writings, I will discuss how this essence of self-pertains to the astral and how we can use our understanding of ourselves as a whole to influence and shift our astral form seeing that the astral realm is an extremely fascinating place. It is only but one of the dimensional planes. I also would like to break down the nature of the self, and the layers of our being, how we tie into our existence, how our higher self-ties into that existence, and how our past lives seemingly tie into this existence.

We are very vast, complex beings and our energies are multi-layered. It is important to understand the layers of our soul and who we are.

Our existence is similar to a pyramid in some ways. We are very layered and complex beings with many experiences and forms. At the top, we have our core self also known as the True Form Self. The core true form self is our essence, it is where we come from, what we are, who we are at our core. It is who we are and that being we portray in our life in the Outer Spiritual World.

Everyone is unique and different. There are so many different layers as well within the outer spiritual world and many different places that we can derive from. The many different layers and dimensions in the outer spiritual world mean it would take an eternity to define them all. Even the Gods of the outer spiritual world have not uncovered and categorized them all and still explore and uncover new places. The fact that the outer spiritual world is always growing, changing, and evolving makes it all the more challenging. It is all part of the totality of the divine essence.

We are all divine beings in a way, though some beings are closer to the divine source than others. We are derivative from a divine source, but we all still have that individual essence, we are our own unique being. I have heard the discussion on beings who choose to ascend and rejoin the source for a time.

But that is not a permanent state, nothing is permanent. It is widely thought that you can ascend and also de-ascend while keeping your true form. Your essence though it is Divine is still your essence. You are a part of it, but you are still yourself. The next lesson will deal with diverse layers.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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