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To Curse or Not to Curse

“Bad cess on you. Devil take you. May you never prosper. The first drop of water to quench your thirst — may it boil in your bowels. May the flesh rot off your bones, and fall away putrid before your eyes. May your limbs wither and the stench of your rotten carcass be too horrible for hungry dogs. May you fade into nothing, like snow in summer. May you be accursed in the sight of God, and hated by your fellow man. May you die without a priest. May the Almighty’s curse rest on your children. This, I pray.” 1830’s Irish witchcraft form of malediction.

Virtually every single culture has stories involving witches or betrayed people sending out devastating curses to wreak havoc on others. In many parts of the world, curses are still regarded as a part of everyday life—aspects that are both feared and respected. Science suggests that belief in curses is foolish, that they can’t possibly be real. Anecdotal evidence, on the other hand, suggests otherwise.

Curses are generally cast in one of two ways: through negative energy infestations or through spell-work. Each type of curse can be equally devastating, with most people agreeing that purposefully placed spells having a slightly higher tendency of causing harm.

On a spiritual level, curses work through the use of negative energy most commonly sparked by bad intentions. From there, things get a little more diverse. The negative energy could attract demons or other evil spirits that carry out the effects of the curse. Or, it could cause a spate of foul luck.

Almost every culture warns against the use of black magic due to the penalties it can cause on the caster’s life. It all depends on the “force” behind the curse. The more “integrated” we get, the more powerful our thoughts and utterances become. However, most of us are dissipated and not in touch with our inner self.

A curse muttered by a powerful being or worse still by a coven of witches can literally annihilate the target. The time frame of expected delivery is all dependent on the level of expertise of the practitioner/s and the severity of the curse … immediate, hours, days sometimes years … but it will land and it will be devastating.

I always cast from a place of no emotion, contrary to most schools of practice. I also cast only at the intended target making sure no collateral damage happens. This requires years of practice and mastery. My curses always gain momentum after they land … just like a virus works … they attach and then start spreading .. never have any of my curses been broken by reverse spells, but I always put a caveat in them to give the intended target a way out … normally truth uttered in my presence and subject to my acceptance is the caveat in most of my curses, but not always. After all, Curses, like chickens, come home to roost!

‘Biadh an taifrionn gan sholas duit a bhean shalach! (may the Mass never comfort you, you dirty queen!)

Curses also have a life. Some last a few moments, some for a few days, and the really powerful ones last lifetimes.

Curses coming from mere jealousy may be ineffective. Curses coming from righteous indignation last a while. Curses coming from those who are defenseless and grievously wronged or betrayed will last a long long while.

However, curses may take a while to take effect, sometimes so much time may elapse that the person doing the cursing and the cursed would have forgotten what the curse was all about…like across lifetimes.

Curses are intentions and intentions (good or bad) that can generate scalar energy which doesn't attenuate and can reach the farthest corner of the universe, capable of existing forever in the ether. This may materialize in the physical plane of our existence at some point in time in the future when the time is ripe.

The chances of a curse to work are dependent on the SHEER MENTAL WILL of the Soul who uttered it.

When I say WILL, it is not the type that says most of the common people have or think of.

A spiritually evolved person will indeed have the WILL to curse one and it will materialize. A curse is uttered ONLY when it is utmost required and on to those people who need to go through it. Ancient rishis could judge persons worth by just looking at their Aura with naked eyes.

Some curses among normal humans also haunt one’s soul for the remainder of their days, so be always careful those that you wrong and which paths you cross.

Em Hotep Witches - Patrick Gaffiero


Tyron Oonuki Fencesitter
Tyron Oonuki Fencesitter

"Curses coming from mere jealousy may be ineffective. Curses coming from righteous indignation last a while. Curses coming from those who are defenseless and grievously wronged or betrayed will last a long long while."

I didn't know this.

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