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To Ascend or not to Ascend

“In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.” - Dante Alighieri, Inferno (La Divina Commedia)

What is Life? A life defined in biological terms would be the complex assembly of organic material, which exchanges energy with its environment and is capable of varying degrees of animation. In this sense, a thing can be considered “alive” even if it is not aware of being so.

What is Truth? Truth is the knowledge that when acted upon elevates the practitioner to a higher degree of understanding, usefulness, or awareness.

So what is an “Ascended Master”? The web is practically littered with articles, messages, and teachings of these so-called “enlightened ones”. Beings who protect the earth-plane, who bring truth and wisdom and who aided in the evolution of mankind. While the teachings elevate these beings to an incomprehensible degree of spiritual awareness they also teach that each and every one of us is capable of an equal degree of wisdom, power, and understanding. I aim to teach you something different, whether or not I am right is for you to decide.

Ascended Master is a being that has reached a sufficiently high level of understanding and spiritual awareness. They are capable of remaining on the earth-plane by choice and not by necessity. Whether they attained that degree of wisdom in this or a previous incarnation is irrelevant.

Some Ascended Masters return to instruct and to share. It is involvement on the earth-plain that makes such a being an Ascended Master. Beings of similar or greater experience who choose to not intercede directly with humanity are not Ascended Masters, then again titles beyond this point become irrelevant, a word title cannot begin to encompass the wisdom and experience of such a being. One look can change you forever, where your consciousness is elevated just by that look.

Ascended Master is any soul who graduated from the Earth School and does not have to reincarnate anymore. But they can still reincarnate as teachers and healers and play ‘supporting roles” in the lives of others who have lessons to learn. Bear in mind though that this wording is not recognized in the afterlife, it is only a belief held on Earth, however, there are thousands of souls incarnated here to provide help, to mankind, and live their lives quietly, humbly, lovingly, and in the moment.

Our Higher Selves are our Future Selves. So if we keep saying – ‘None have ascended in physical bodies before’ then that is akin to saying – ‘Our future selves have not ascended in physical bodies.’ We are moving towards becoming our future selves which is why I always think that of course, my Higher Selves have actually done it because they are my Future Selves. So if I’m going to do it then they are my Future Selves so they must have too. Interesting Food for Thought.

When one is working towards a future goal but at the same time saying – ‘My Higher Selves/My Future Selves have not already attained this goal I am working towards,’ that creates a paradox which is a block. One will forever be on the Journey of making steps towards the Destination and getting closer and closer but never quite reaching the goal because one has decided to connect with Higher Selves/Future Selves that haven’t attained the goal.

Therefore, the highest timeline one can connect to, is one where our future selves have ascended in physical bodies. It’s just common sense. Our Future Selves are our Future Selves. The purpose is to see through things on my Journey that others aren’t seeing through including Hu-manity. Life has a funny way in which it has always caused me to not be able to see what others can and yet now seeing truths others can’t but this is my Ascension Journey. All I can do is keep speaking my truth but no longer be attached to the outcome.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
May 04, 2022
then is not the ascended master a vampire being? but the energy to exist, where do you get it from? thank you
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