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Time & Words(Extracts Black Magic and Etymology by Michelle Walling)

Father Time is and has always been a brilliant manipulator. Time keeps us locked in to the work week where we get to the weekend and are gifted a break to recharge our batteries so they can begin to suck our energy again on Monday (Moonday). We are locked into time. The late Jose Arguelles said that Lord Pacal’s message to humanity is that we need to live without “man-made” time as much as possible. You can do this by not wearing a watch or having any calendars visible. On your days off, you can listen to your body when it tells you to sleep or awaken.

Astrology may even be a part of the time controlling system used by the archonic programmers to tell us what time is coming up through the use of a calendar tracking system- the zodiac. The year was “reset” artificially from B.C. to A.D. by using a fake date that “Jesus Christ” was born.

The Gregorian calendar was created by Pope Gregory XIII in order to create the Christian Easter holiday. Before that, we had a 13 moon/28 day perpetual calendar, where the days of the moon (month) and the days of the week line up perfectly, week-to-week and moon-to-moon. The Gregorian calendar is very confusing and has made actual “time” out of phase with the Universe.

The world also is split up into many time zones which is confusing and creates more false borders of separation. These are just some examples of how time can be manipulated. It is true that time was needed to combine space with time to know where we are in a linear fashion, but it is being manipulated and has been turned against us in every way possible.

We began our deceitful black magic spelling at an early age when we learned how to spell. We spell words to create a sentence (a jail term) and it was created for life. We learn from books; to “book” is a verb meaning to arrest or to detain (“book ‘em Danno”). Books contain chapters. A chapter is a secret society or a religious order. In the chapters we have pages. A page is an understudy and serves the queen and king, as in pages and squires. To page, someone is to summon them. A page contains many sentences, created by words that are spelled out by using letters. A letter is someone that allows something to be done to them.

“In higher dimensions, beings are telepathic and don’t necessarily need words to communicate as we do. Words are agreed upon and pronounced in certain ways so that we can be understood by others who live in the same reality. Because words are symbols, it doesn’t make them lifeless or powerless. In fact, never underestimate the power of words. When we speak and put emotions and intentions behind our words, what we say can get across is powerful—whereas, someone who speaks with little or hardly any emotions and intentions are rarely heard and often overlooked.

The written word can be at least, if not more powerful than the spoken word. If a writer is artistic, he or she can convey emotions and intentions in the written words, which impact the reader. The skillful writer leaves a part of his or her soul in the writing.”

Many people do not realize daily the power that they have with words. Words carry energy that cast spells with spelling, and are one of the most powerful tools used against us today. Being aware of your spells can make a huge difference in the programming which creates our daily reality. Every word we say has the power to add or detract from the energy system.

Language is the capturing of thoughts and putting them in little prisons called ‘words’. Meditation is a tool to silence the mind to get rid of all the words that limit these thoughts. When in a state of no-mind, no-words, no-thoughts, you can hear your True Self, the archetype of Lucifer.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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