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There are people who are not for Everyone

There are people who are not for everyone, people who set boundaries in their lives, and do not allow others to enter and go where they will. These are people who know what they want, who have their own rules and abide by them, they will follow those rules and principles no matter what. These people know what it's like to be hurt and that's why they don't get closer to others than they allow them. They know how small words and random things can change a person, a relationship, a life.

There are people who are not for everyone, they do not adapt to life and circumstances but they adapt their life to themselves. They know that someone else's success cannot reduce theirs so they are not jealous but supportive of others' dreams and efforts. They do not ignore the people around them, they know that they should appreciate the presence of every person near or far who embraces positivity and in turn wishes those negative connotations a safe journey.

People like this don't change with time, the years pass they become safer in themselves, more stable and peaceful. They fought all the battles they needed, whether they had to prove to someone, or from someone, to be bigger and better, took the last ace card out of their sleeves and that is to enjoy this world as much as they can because they know that everything is in passing. It's these people that remain consistent with themselves and what they consider important and valuable.

There are people who are not for everyone, people who when you meet them, you must try and integrate as much as possible in their society because they give you the inspiration to be better. The result of meeting such people is that you can't stay who you were, either you start working on a better version of yourself or you will move away from their society. These are people who know that there is no compromise for character. That's why all those people who would sell themselves for money or some other material interest, come to understand that they can't stand anywhere near to such people.

There are people who are not for everyone, these are the people who make this world a better place to live.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski

Wonderful, wonderful 🔥🙏

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