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The Witches’ Pyramid (Extracts Coven)

The Witches’ Pyramid, also known as the Four Pillars of the Witches’ Temple, the foundation for all magickal work and represents the mindset necessary to create magick and the qualities to be embraced by all occultists from all paths of magick.

There are four statements that represent The Witches Pyramid, To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent; they are all required in order to perform magick. The Witches’ Pyramid is made up of the four elements that coincide with the four cardinal directions.

Imagine a pyramid with four levels:

1. To Know 2. To dare 3. To will 4. To keep silent

To Know (nescere) — corresponds to Air To know relates to the Occultist’s knowledge and understanding of the craft on all levels. The more an Occultist knows, understands, and continues to learn, the more powerful and effective the magick will be. An Occultist must manage and work with the energies that are invoked. As a practicing Occultist, know yourself, know your craft, continue to learn, and apply your learning wisely. Most Occultists have an innate knowing, an understanding beyond the five senses, it is what draws them to the craft in the first place, it is something that transcends the normal human physical boundaries and leads to enlightenment.

Association: Reason — intellect — intuition — wisdom — psychic awareness — abilities — rationalizing — analyzing — imagining — skills in the art of magick and mystical knowledge gained on any level, either through tutors on the earth plane or those from other realms.

To Will (velle) — corresponds to Fire The will is to do with the way an Occultist conducts their life, and their belief and commitment to any spell or ritual they are conducting, it is the ability to raise, manage, and manipulate the power, and maintain focus and intention. To will has to do with the utter conviction and energy to manifest magick. An Occultist must know how to summon and direct energy and work with their internal drive, will, want, and focus leads to manifestation. To create magick an Occultist has to believe unequivocally in the magick they are creating. Anyone wishing to manifest understands that will is an integral part of magick.

Association: The Occultist’s will — belief system — discipline — application of magickal skills — approach to life — approach to magick.

To Dare (audere) — corresponds to Water Daring to do magick without fear, daring to invoke with understanding, daring to experiment, daring to push forward, and daring to experience new things. Daring to go beyond the physical limitations and surrendering to the universal energies, traveling to astral realms. Daring to be a part of the cosmic order and letting the energies flow.

Transcending inner fears and perceived barriers, meeting with deities, spirits, demons, invoking unquestioningly, and being open to ancient wisdom. Facing whatever needs to be faced and overcome. When an Occultist wields magick their personal emotions play an integral part, they must always be ready to meet a challenge.

Association: The Occultist’s emotions — heart — a sense of challenge — drive to overcome and courage.

To Keep Silent (tacere) — corresponds with Earth

To Keep Silent is to do with not always saying exactly what you know when it comes to witchcraft, some things are better off being quietly understood by the individual, and don’t necessarily need to be shared. Because you know, you don’t necessarily have to say, there is a certain power in being silent and understanding. Keeping silent also has to do with the silence within, being centered and grounded before beginning any magickal work is essential to maintain a clear intent. When invoking the gods, a still and clear channel is necessary for effective and powerful connections. When invoking and receiving messages there must be silence to hear the channeled wisdom.

Association: Inner calm, silent knowing, protecting sacred knowledge.

To Go (ire) — corresponds to Spirit Spirit is considered to embody the power “To Go” to move, to go forth, to make manifest, to bring about, to journey, to evolve, bringing the other four elements into perfect balance.

The Witches' Pyramid is not necessarily Wiccan as most people believe. Rather, the concept applies to the proper use of magick. The steps of the pyramid are the components necessary to achieve effective magick. However, the same concepts can be applied to much of life aside from magick as well. Thus, the Witches' Pyramid is not only a vital magickal concept but also a useful spiritual tool in navigating through life. Originally, the Witches' Pyramid consisted of only four components. However, it is common today for the Witches' Pyramid to be presented with a fifth component, though this component seems to change depending upon tradition and experience.

To imagine involves flexibility and creativity. Before we can send out energy effectively, we must be able to draw it in. The Occultist must be inspired. Imagination Is a key factor in determining traditions that are not necessary. Traditions may be good to have, but if they are outdated or do not work, they are not necessary. To imagine, then, is about being inspired to change when routines are no longer effective. It's about being innovative when confronted with a difficult problem with no prior solution.

Magickally, to imagine is vital. Can you visualize what needs to be done? Did this spell work the last time? Will it need to be altered to suit this new purpose? Or will you need to write a whole new spell? If you follow correspondences such as the phase of the moon, can you be flexible enough if the phase isn't right for the magick that is needed to be done? Or will your inflexibility hamper your ability to dare? Do you get uptight or closed-minded when presented with other ways to do magick? Or are you creative enough to see the differences as new learning that may or may not be implemented into your current routines?

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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J Ann Gentile
J Ann Gentile
30 mai 2021

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Nelita Perry
29 mai 2021


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