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The Universal Self (IV)

Depending on where we want to go and what we want to experience we have to be attuned to exist in the various frequencies of the inner spiritual world that one wishes to experience. Each inner spiritual world and the universes contained within operate at a different vibrational frequency from one another. In order for you to receive messages from your higher self, you need a universal self that is attuned to that universe. This acts as your ghost, the auric essence of your higher self within your physical body.

This energy self is also the messenger that carries the messages from you to your higher self. You need to be attuned to the universe that you will form a part of. This self will be able to control your physical body and learn to navigate the life that you are living. This is the essence that inhibits your body when you come into being and leaves your body when you die.

Once the attunement has been completed, you then have a Universal self. This universal self is the keeper of all the lives that you will live while you are in that Particular Universe and Inner Spiritual World. It holds your memories, your ancestors, your past lives, families that you have while having experiences as different entities within that inner spiritual world. It receives messages from your ancestors that have walked with you.

You are attuned to that Universe and those vibrations and you can interact within that universe. This is your energy self and your link between your Higher Self and your Physical self in that particular Universe. The Universal self is also a shadow of the higher self and is the energy that can be seen in your Aura.

This form is almost all energy-based. It is the ghost in our physical vessel. It is energetic and etheric and moves and acts like energy. It is our aura, our energy field within the inner spiritual world. It houses our chakras, our essence, and the energies of our past selves as well as our present self.

ii wy - em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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