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The Unforgiving Path

Each person in our life requires something from us whether they realize it or not. Your job is to give it freely and consistently. To share your wisdom, guide with patience, and act with honor. Always.

If it's only control for the sake of control, then you’ve forgotten how to command respect. Respect is earned never commanded. A willing student will give you all that is if you are worthy of, passion, intelligence, and trust.

Your light guides these hearts of darkness to a brighter place. Your touch soothes the skin they can no longer feel. Your voice calms the demons in their souls and for that, they will be eternally thankful.

When you're first starting out in your magickal journey, it's all too tempting to system-hop. One day you're a Thelemite, the next you're a Buddhist, the next you're a Luciferian... and so on and on. This might be deemed acceptable when you're first learning, but eventually, you're going to need to pick a system and stick with it until you master it. Systems are just vehicles. Master one and the others become easier to master; but until you learn to at least drive, there's no point in trying out lots of different cars. There is no "ultimate be-all-end-all" system of magick, though one may be more appropriate for you than the others. Pick one and stick with it—but be willing to discard it when you're done, so that you don't end up a slave of somebody else's map.

The journey in the bowels of the underworld beings as thus. As the pain creeps in and the shakes soon begin, you’re taken to a place where your head starts to spin. Of lovers lost or soon to be found. Of things, you’d forgotten or left on the ground. A passage, a puzzle, a place in your heart, an ending, a torture, your muse is apart. Of life and love or little white gloves, you will ask “please chase away this pain”. To give you shelter inside, a place you can hide, from angels and demons, and reasonable reasons. Remember that the brain wants what the body can’t have, and the heart can’t handle.

Whatever you do, don't stop. You can rest, but don't quit. Magick is a lifetime pursuit—just like staying fit by exercising is. You have to stay in shape, no matter what level of development you're at. Establish consistency and get serious. Life might be a game, but you do well to remember that it's the playing-for-keeps kind.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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