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The Truth about Pacts

It depends on what you consider a demon. But yes, people make pacts with them. They normally don't get what they asked for. If they know exactly what they're doing the entity is more likely to not screw them over for laughs and giggles. But its important to understand demons don't actually want Souls. They can take them.

But a demons real goals all complicated. They want hosts they want to experience the world. Some are elemental of entropy as such need to spread death, decay and hunger. Like a fire must spread fire. Some come in the form of demons but their goal is to improve our lives much like demons sometimes come as angels and vice versa.

They crave attention and worship so will seek offerings of some form, wine, bread and honey. They don't actually consume it. Like the old saying it's the thought that counts. What can they Give? Anything. They can take the form of a dead loved one and convince you that they will live again. They could rewind time or use time to predict the future or give you a second chance at something. They can give you talents and skills and abilities like you would see in a prodigy. Does the deal always go wrong? No but the deal has often got a much higher price than you realize, normally higher than you would want to pay or would agree to pay. Some can be helpful and by far more humane than Angels, because they are closer to this world. But the truly Dangerous Ones think and act like mindless children sometimes.

So, unless you really know what you're doing don't enter pacts with demons. If you're an idiot summoning them with no idea of how to do it correctly and who has never even bothered to learn about them, they will actually destroy you just out of a sort of need to honor those that have. No I'm not going to lie and say all demon pacts are bad. If someone could beg for the life of a child with cancer and all it would cost them is a slice of bread some honey a candle and a well-written poem, they could do that. And some have.

So how do I communicate with Demons. Well one way is through mirrors. Well positioned mirrors in my house. Through them I can see what is around me and what is around others. Beware that also others can get a glimpse of this reflection and that is not always conducive. But you can always play it down to the mind playing tricks.

Now, for those that believe they have a demon that is possessing them and want to speak to it, try taking a piece of paper and write down your question, then take a mirror and hold the paper to it. Write down the exact reverse wording that is in the mirror reflection. Next find a scrying mirror but if you don't have one, turn the lights off and take a candle and place it directly behind your head so that the flame is even with your line of sight and the candle is at least 2 1/2ft behind you.

Clear your mind and only hold the thoughts of that which the demon has instigated you towards, any specific interaction you can positively point to that demon being behind it. You'll need two mirrors one in front and one just behind the candle. Position them so that an infinite reflection of you is seen. Hold that image in your head with closed eyes and no other thought. Now open your eyes and the image should instantly be the infinite images of your reflection with the candle at eye level behind you on either side of your sight as you look into the infinite reflections.

Give it a second and you should notice that in your reflections your eye sockets are blackened and shaded slightly, and your skin pigmentation has become ash colored, the reflected image itself will feel darker and heavier. Now hold up the paper with the question on it in reverse. The demon will be able to read it just fine and expect a response through its way that it has communicated with you so far.

Otherwise keep your eyes open for thoughts not of your own or wait for it to overwhelm your sense of self control and lock onto that inner sensation. Or it may try to write back or possibly just have a straight multiple personality like conversation through you. There is more to this mirror technique, but this is as far as I am allowed to go, you'll have to figure the rest out. This process won't bring you harm in any way, but the demon may try to exploit you so take caution.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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