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The Spiritual Dimension of Drug Use - Let's discuss ...

“Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom, I looked into the hearts of men, and there found I greater mysteries and was glad. For only in the Search for Truth could my Soul be stilled and the flame within be quenched. Down through the ages, I lived, seeing those around me taste of the cup of death and return again in the light of life. Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves of consciousness that had been one with me, only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star." - The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

So drugs (especially hallucinogens) are a kind of skeleton key. They can unlock doors, but they don't give you access to anything that isn't already within you. They can also open doors before you are ready.

People who use drugs may be on the right path. Drugs help to reveal the illusions that keep us down. Using drugs to open your mind/spirit is a good thing, but getting hooked on drugs is the opposite of spirituality.

I've had some incredibly powerful experiences mixing drugs and ritual. The only things I would caution against would be to make sure you've experienced enough with both drugs and magic to navigate through the blending of worlds and make absolutely sure you do not get conditioned by the delusions that a drug-induced state can bring.

One such drug is Ayahuasca. This plant opened up a door to a new understanding of how the spirit world of plants and elements connect with our physical world. I believe that working with these plant/spirits responsibly (ceremonially) can lead to very positive effects. Each plant has a story to tell you, and it will choose to express itself differently.

It's not about getting high, it's about doing work while you’re up there, about shedding that dead weight that is actually holding you back from being your truer, higher self. Making it easier to connect and flow with daily life and matching the idea of who you want to be, with who you are. It has also helped me retune the search for knowledge and understanding.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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