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The Secret

A person lights a match in the middle of a train carriage. Two persons observe this from either side of the carriage; they are separated by the same distance. The train travels at 80 km/h. Light will still hit at the exact same time on both persons. Even though the train moves, the speed of light is not affected by movement or direction. This proves that although light is waves, it does not move through a medium as sound waves move through air or water. Light travels the same speed regardless of the direction. Many a time have I pondered the question: “Am I on the right path”? – “Is Luciferianism beyond definition”? – “Is there no end to the nagging feeling that since Luciferianism cannot be defined authoritatively or canonically, that the whole idea is just a daydream”? I set out to find my unique path. It draws on ancient as well as new currents and traditions, on past, present, and future, but most of all, it has become a looking-glass from which I view the world, and my own spiritual development, to find peace and balance, in order to work with different traditions and magickal systems and disciplines that I want to evolve in. There is a warning that every initiate should receive, that the occult path is indeed equal to hardship. And, trust me, it is. I am somewhat confused when conversing with some Luciferians, that there are those that seem to reject the idea of being a rebel or rebelling against anything. I think people misunderstand the concept when I state that being inclined to being a rebel is a hallmark of every true Satanist, Left Hand Practitioner or Occultist, yes, I believe whether people call themselves Luciferian or not, when they dare to rebel, they demonstrate the archetype of Lucifer, who nobody can disagree – is the epitome of rebellion – rebelling even against “God”, the most supreme authority. Rebelling against authority is more difficult than you think. There are very few people who truly demonstrate this quality. Again – we need to separate the normal fad that teenagers go through when separating from the authority of their parents in order to become grown-ups themselves, or the oddball hippie who just rebels against society because he wants to lay around in bed and not work while smoking pot. By now you may have come to understand that I am talking about a kind of rebellion that you will only recognize if you are a true Luciferian. And I don’t care if you call yourself a Luciferian or not, because when you rebel against the ultimate authority, you are demonstrating the values that exist at the core of your being, and you are only demonstrating this core when you are willing to risk everything for it. Let me repeat: That you defend your core value against the authority, to such a degree that you will never back down. My point here is to bring to the fore that beautiful moment an individual takes a sovereign and distinctive stand that emanates from the core of that being. These are not just values or morale or feeling sorry for someone, this is Will manifested. This kind of rebellion is not the only situation where true Will is manifested, but it is one of the most honest moments, that when someone stands up against oppression as a matter of principle, instead of surrendering their ideals, their sovereign Will, the sacred core of their being. That moment of brilliant light is the torch of Lucifer. Remember, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As an occultist and Luciferian, it is my mission to separate focus from those kinds of impulses that make people act and think like a herd, while it has always been my disposition to be different, it is easy to be influenced and sink into mundane matters. Rest assured, friends that even Luciferians cannot ignore the problems of this world, but we shouldn’t take an active part in them! We should not play by their rules. We are outnumbered, that may change, or it may not. The best we can do is to care for our own, and others like us, and help people that aspire to become like us. It is what occultists and mystics have been doing over the centuries of war and persecution. In those days secrets were kept closer to a person’s heart; today it would seem that most secrets are available online. The only problem is that there is a lot of information everywhere, all conflicting, all claiming to be true. So the same rule applies today as 1200 years ago, that real knowledge can only be passed from one true soul to another. That is why even in this cyber-jungle of a messy world, you can still find things that are true and valid if you know where to look. I thank all you brave souls who take their time to follow us, and I want to focus even more on what really matters, the things that are unique and beautiful.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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