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The Road of Gnosis (Part I)

I am he who is a light unto those who will allow it. I am he who is not perfect but seeks always to improve. I am he who knows many things but seeks ever to learn more. I am he who is lover to some, family to others, friend to few, and stranger to many. I am he who channels the ancient ones and listens to their secrets. I am he who creates many things. I am he. I am me.

Of all the roads less traveled by, Dante picked the toughest one for himself. Climbing all the way down to the pit of hell and then all the way up to the peak of heaven is no small feat. Dante had good company, though — in his guide Virgil, another poet. Good company is all human beings need to perform exceptional feats.

As Lucifer stands before you beckoning “Be open to me oh ye weary children.” The secrets of the gnosis within you long to be unlocked by the sacred key of the divine. Will you take the path of the divine? Will you descend into the depths of Irkalla and be brought back to life renewed, with the light of the beacon within lit, and discover your Divine Will which is stamped in your soul?

The number of the awoken is growing. More and more have begun to peek behind the veil and see the secrets beyond. They who twist the words of the divine for their own ends, to cast fear into the hearts of men, they are but the root of darkness. The agents of shadow live in lavish luxury while we squabble with our neighbor over scraps. Focus not on statues, for these are but icons alone, focus instead on the seeds of hatred within which defend them.

Cursed are those who cling to icons of hate and ignorance. Cursed are those who would waste their time with images when there is work to be done. Cursed are those who would turn their backs on the path of righteousness. Cursed be those who judge without knowing. Cursed be those who deny the truth that is set before them. Cursed be those who would cling to that which will not survive their soul. Progress is made only when we forget ourselves and follow our Divine Will. You who cling to icons alone, you who would assume all knowledge, you who waste your time trying to destroy the idols of others but waste not an ounce of time on the seed of ignorance that is within you feeding the flames of evil. You do nothing. You accomplish nothing. Your efforts will not outlive you.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Tricia Rickert
Tricia Rickert
25 gen 2021

I am open to the light and knowledge. As above so below

Mi piace
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