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The Power of Validation

I get asked a lot to validate connections, but I do tend to tread carefully as I will never be the sole source of someone’s faith and someone’s path. This path is about self-discovery and about honoring what is true to your core. It is not about having someone in a position of authority validate your experiences.

When you end up being the source of a person’s validation on their path, they will look to you and others to validate their path. This is not the truth that was awakened from within…It is a constant seeking of reassurance and validation from others. That can become a huge problem.

You should always enforce boundaries from the beginning and never become the individual’s source of validation. Keep this a lesson to be learned. Their path should never rest solely on you and your experiences. You can offer guidance and clues, but it should not be the source of validation.

As you go through this you are learning. You will be learning how important boundaries are,as we established in previous lessons, how important it is to stand in your own essence, to be true to yourself, and what insights you will receive while on the path.

Life is full of painful but valuable lessons. If your truth cannot handle the critical views of others, if it needs validation and support of them, it cannot be much of truth now, can it?

Believe me, I have had my failings, I have struggled through the vines and confinements of insecurity. I have walked through my own shadows, and no validation will ever match the power of faith. I also know how painful it is to have insecurities challenged.

I have been there. People will challenge your path, but know that the truth will always prevail and you will be stronger for it.. Holding onto a delusion will only stunt growth and prevent you from stepping into the light. Truth is where faith is, and faith is where manifestation is. And when you have that, your world aligns and you get what it is that you desire. This is where I am in walking my path with the demons.

I would never censor people for their views. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even when it is a complete contradiction to what I have experienced. It doesn’t matter and has no bearing on my path.

When you speak something and are challenged in that view, you should be able to stand in your faith. I also have had people challenge my views in a very educated way which has allowed me to grow. I am strong enough in my faith that I can explore when someone tells me I am wrong and I can look at my own shadows and accept the hard truths. Them challenging me allows me to grow. When people disagree with me I always listen as long as they present what they honestly know. In the end, my own beliefs will either be stronger, or I will have learned something new. Either way, it is a win-win.

When the truth is awakened from within, you don’t need validation from an outside source. You don’t need others to align with you. You know your truth and it walks with you.

My essence and my power come from within, and I have the physical proof of my path and my work. I see it every day manifesting. The Demons say things and it happens They do things and it brings results. This is what happens when you are on the right path. Things fall in line.

It doesn’t impress me when people tell me they hear the Dark Lords, it impresses me when they hear what I heard. I am always open for reflection and I am open for exploration…. But I know my truth and I know my path and I will not be the only reason that someone believes, and I will never seek to be the only source of validation for someone.

The power of belief has to come from within.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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19 may 2021

Use logic rhetoric and reasoning and be as much of yourself as possible ..i hate ingenuous people ..i prefer straight up types ...mostly what you see is what you get ..there's a certain honesty to that. I don't need reassurance from those who've not walked the path ...lived the life. I'm not looking for someone to hold my hand along the way as much as knowledge and experience to understand the whole. Thank you ..very eloquently put again. We don't do white magic ...we do magic.

Me gusta

J Ann Gentile
J Ann Gentile
15 may 2021

Love this

Me gusta
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